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Dru Tieben is a good friend of mine and she just published her new book, Silver Element, on Amazon. One thing you find out quickly when writing for a living, is your support team is really really important! Dru’s been there for me and hopefully I’ve been there for her. I helped her with her cover art and the ebook formatting aspects forAmazon. And she has helped me in numerous ways too, including the formatting of my print version of Scrapyard Ship and as one of my early reviewers for both Scrapyard Ship and HAB 12 — as well as my new (in process) novella series Tapped In.

Silver Element is a fun and entertaining new series geared toward the female gender, but I’m betting men will enjoy it as well. It’s the story of five women who are fed up with crime on the streets of their neighborhood. Not getting the help needed from local authorities, they take things into their own hands. I’m not so sure I’d call them vigilantes, but they’re pretty bad-ass… I invite you to check out her new book and let me know what you think.

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