A Letter From Prison

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I received a hand-written letter yesterday from Royce. I don’t know him, but apparently Royce is in prison and has another five and a half years to serve on his sentence. As he describes in his letter, he is what’s called indigent — has no funds to pay for books or magazines.

It seems Royce got hold of my first book, not sure how, Scrapyard Ship and enjoyed it… helped him pass the time there in confinement. I don’t know what he did to get himself locked up, not sure I really want to… but I like the idea that I’ve helped him in some way while he pays his debt to society.

I’ll go ahead and send him all of my books this week. He’s promised to donate them (after he’s read them), to the prison library.

Hang in there Royce… Jason, Ricket, Traveler and Dira are on their way across the universe to help you fight the fight…

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