Mark Wayne McGinnis is the #1 best-selling author of thirty-two novels. His book series include Scrapyard Ship, Star Watch, the Simpleton, Boy Gone, and Ship Wrecked.

Mark grew up on both coasts, first in Westchester County, NY, then in Westlake Village, CA.  For the last twelve years Mark and his wife, Kim, have lived in Colorado … and most recently, in Castle Rock, with their three dogs, Rika, Sammi, and Lilly.

Mark Wayne McGinnis on Writing:

markonrocksNine years ago, what motivated me to start writing were mostly financial reasons. Sure, I had a feeling I could put together something worthwhile—but I wasn’t even close to certain anyone would want to read it. I started writing the Scrapyard Ship book series because of my love of Science Fiction (I’m an avid reader). I’d always had this weird fascination with old junker cars, junkyards… scrapyards—and several years back I produced a film that featured a ginormous scrapyard located on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado. In the movie, I added a chase scene where the protagonist frantically ran and hid behind rusted-out old automobiles, broken-down buses, and heaps of scrap metal. Added to the drama, it was pouring down rain—which only added to the gritty and dark characteristics of the scene. I thoroughly enjoyed those couple of days of filming—and that experience influenced me when writing this book.

Writing is a discipline I enjoyed as far back as I can remember. First as a tech writer twenty-five years ago at one of my first salaried jobs. Writing continued to be important as a marketing entrepreneur at my own creative agency, and then more recently, as a writer/filmmaker. I think I’m drawn to writing for the same reasons was drawn to filmmaking—evoking an emotional response from people and somehow  affecting them in a personal way… it’s just plain fun for me.

IMG_0197My suggestion to anyone, at any age, interested in writing their first novel, would be to first create a safe space for yourself where you have the time, support, and commitment to actually complete what you start. Then, just go for it. My wife Kim, my mother, sister—cousins and friends, and some people I barely knew, were there to coax me on. I joined several writing groups too, and that was beneficial as well.


Mark directed and co-produced (with wife, Kim) the popular feature film, Openings – The Search for Harry. The film was picked up for distribution and can be seen via GaiamTV.

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53 replies
  1. Ken Davidson
    Ken Davidson says:

    Mr. McGinnis,
    Recently while looking for a new series to read I ran across the Scrapyard Ship books. I read the sample for the first two books and thought I would give it a try. I purchased the first book and started reading, that was after dinner. I’m not what you would call a fast reader but by 2 o’clock in the morning I was well into the book and before retiring for the night I purchased the three remaining books of the series.
    You have a unique aspect in your book that makes it different from any other book I have read. You came up with several ideas for your book that I have found interesting. Such as the use of phase-shifting to move ships and people around. Others such as traversing to different worlds through the HAB portals or moving about the Lilly by use of the DeckPorts. You have also shared a diverse cast of alien beings that help make your books interesting.
    Being retired an unable to get around very good I have become an avid reader. With 90% of the books read are SiFi. I usually read seven days a week and sometimes as much as 5-6 hours per day. Needless to say My collection of book has became extensive. Thank the heavens for eBooks.
    My favorite authors, because of some of their unique features incorporated into the stories, have been Ian Douglas (Star Carrier Series), Jeffrey A. Carver (The Chaos Chronicles Series), Vincent Trigili (Lost Tales of Power Series) and now Mark McGinnis (Scrapyard Ship Series). I look forward to reading more about the adventures of the Lilly and her diverse crew.

  2. Kay McNeely
    Kay McNeely says:

    Just finished the third Scrapyard Ship book, and I am loving this series. Thank you so much for the wonderful SF series. Now it’s time to start the fourth book. I’m hoping this will be a very long saga.

  3. Alan Rothberg, MD
    Alan Rothberg, MD says:

    I’m approaching the end of book in the Scrap Yard Ship series. Averaged one a day. It’s been a wonderful read and I’ve been reading S.F. for 60 of my 70 years. Please put me on your mailing list so I can get “The Great Space” ASAP.

  4. Ray
    Ray says:

    Hello Mark

    I recently finished reading ALL Seven Books of
    The Scrapyard Ship Series. I thoroughly enjoyed each book in the series as you brought a realism to life in each character…that one felt they actually existed while reading!
    I am looking forward to the spin offs you spoke of writing.
    Kind Regards

  5. Steve
    Steve says:

    Your books are are great. The Scrapyard Ship series is one of the best reads I have had.
    Please continue the story of the Lone Star Renegades, it is great, what teenager or grown up would love to have that adventure
    Thanks Mark, PS my wife had me reading the book to her. She loved it!!!

    • Mark Wayne McGinnis
      Mark Wayne McGinnis says:

      Thanks Steve — just noticed your comment. I’m glad your wife likes my books – mine … let’s just say she’s not a big scifi reader. She does like my Tapped In books (Mad Powers and soon Deadly Powers) … cheers!

  6. Rocco
    Rocco says:

    I’m a great fan of the Scrapyard series and just finished no 6 “The great space” and can’t wait for no 7. Much to my dismay Amazon is only listing the kindle edition and I ‘m a tactile kind of guy. I prefer to turn my own pages. I have a decent size library which goes back years. Is the an outlet for a paperback? I’d like to keep your series on it but not having the conclusion would not do.

    Thanks and keep writing

  7. Paul Boisvert
    Paul Boisvert says:

    What should I do now that it had been nearly 48 hours since I signed up to receive Scrapyard Ship and still have not received an email with as download link? I have since received the email that enabled me to confirm my subscription and also received a promotional email. Thanks.

  8. Pat
    Pat says:

    Hello Mark,

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your books, thank you. Can you tell us you plans for continuing Lone Star Renegades? Is it dead on the vine?

    • MWM
      MWM says:

      Lone Star was/is one of my fav books. I had high expectations for it – thought it would be the start of a new popular series. As things turned out, Lone Star did not do all that well — I may still write a sequel — maybe in 2017 — cheers, Mark

  9. Norman Morgan
    Norman Morgan says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your books, the Scrapyard series, the Star Watch series, and most recently The Simpleton. It was a delight to see the setting in. Woodbury, TN. I was born and raised in Nashville, and lived, went to college (MTSU ’73), and worked in Murfreesboro from ’70 through ’77. BTW, Woodbury is in Cannon County, not Canyon.

  10. James Madison Sawyers Jr.
    James Madison Sawyers Jr. says:

    Hello Mark, I found your book the Scrapyard Ship and thought it was an interesting title. So, I got it and just about could not put it down. You have a wonderful way with words and I love that about a writer. My first love as to writers is Edgar Rice Burroughs. I remember the first book of his was “The Mad King” that I read. I had 89 of the 92 books that he wrote until they were stolen, took 15 years to collect them. But I have you up there with ERB in the use of the words to create a realistic daydream. I have in my collection 13 of your books. My favorite is the book of Boomer, I was glad that she had fulfilled her need to express her hidden talent desire to become one of the powers to answer to! Before I go let me say this, I will collect all of your books! One last thing, I have a book on Amazon first book I ever wrote it is not to bad I hope anyway, just about done with second book, have learned alot about the joy of writing! Waiting for the others, I am retired and so I have to be careful about that (money) now don’t you know have what. Keep it up! Jim AKA BigBadJim! HAW…

  11. Don Sprouse
    Don Sprouse says:

    I was wondering when Boy Gone, Volume 2 would and 3 may be available on Audible. I really enjoyed Volume 1 so I am excited for the series. Sometimes I have not found books in a series because of a name change, so I wanted to make sure I was not just missing it. AWESOME enjoyable novel! “I hope you explain the dog, well super dog now,” LOL.

  12. Allison Tarrats
    Allison Tarrats says:

    Hi, I have read and loved all or many of your wonderful books and I think you should brilliant. My problem is I’m getting confused as to what I’ve read and what I’ve missed. I also want to read in order, can you please direct me to all of your books/series in order? I just finished Cloud walker, when is the next book coming out? That is part of the problem I don’t know if there is one out already. Also, I did not read the hidden ship but I’m not sure if that is part of a series and if so where in the series order it is? I am on your mailing list. Thank you!

    • Mark Wayne McGinnis
      Mark Wayne McGinnis says:

      Hi Allison, here is the list of all my books and the order in which they should be read. Yes, The Hidden Ship is my latest- released on March 13, 2019. Enjoy.

      Scrapyard Ship Series
      Scrapyard Ship (Book 1)
      HAB 12 (Book 2)
      Space Vengeance (Book 3)
      Realms of Time (Book 4)
      Craing Dominion (Book 5
      The Great Space (Book 6)
      Call To Battle (Book 7)

      Tapped In Series
      Mad Powers (Book 1)
      Deadly Powers (Book 2)

      Lone Star Renegades Series
      Lone Star Renegades (also called ‘Jacked’) (Book 1)

      Star Watch Series
      Star Watch (Book 1)
      Ricket (Book 2)
      Boomer (Book 3)
      Glory for Space Sea and Space (Book 4)
      Space Chase (Book 5)
      Scrapyard LEGACY (Book 6)

      The Simpleton Series
      The Simpleton (Book 1)
      The Simpleton Quest (Book 2)

      Galaxy Man Series
      Galaxy Man (Book 1)

      Ship Wrecked Series
      Ship Wrecked (Book 1)
      Ship Wrecked 2 (Book 2)

      Cloudwalkers Series
      Cloudwalkers (Book 1)

      The Hidden Ship
      The Hidden Ship

  13. LeAnn
    LeAnn says:

    Dear Mark,
    I am new to your books. What an enjoyable time I have had the last two days reading BOY GONE and THE HIDDEN SHIP. You I will be happy to know that I posted reviews on Amazon as soon as I read them. Unfortunately neither has a second book out yet. I was so disappointed when I tried to find out what happened next but couldn’t. Please hurry, I am so anxious to hear more about planet Hope. I would like to know more about all the creatures/plants moved to the separate land. I can foresee many problems that could still arise. I look forward to many more adventures with your books.

  14. Jim
    Jim says:

    Mark, I just finished reading the Shipwrecked series twice. When, or are you going to introduce the 3rd book in that series?

  15. Patrick McIntyre
    Patrick McIntyre says:

    As reviewed in Amazon, I’ve recently finished the Scrapyard series over the span of three days. I’ve now moved to the Space Watch series, and enjoy the seamless progression. I became interested in SF very late in life- only over the last 6 or 7 years. Theree are a couple other authors in the genre that I follow eagerly, (initials EC and JD), and I’m happy to have another to add to my collection.

  16. Brad
    Brad says:

    Say I read Shipwrecked II on Amazon Kindle unlimited. When I went to read Shipwrecked III it was Shipwrecked II. So I can’t find III to complete the series. I love your books, Star Watch and Scrapyard Ship are great.
    Wanted to let someone know so I can read book III.

  17. Chris Young
    Chris Young says:

    I have read 3 of your collections and have thoroughly enjoyed them thank you, During this covered hibernation time your writing has been a great escape.

    I recently read both Simpleton books, enjoyed them, Do you have any intention going back in finishing the 3rd of the trilogy? Or should I move on.

  18. Grant
    Grant says:

    Hi Mark! I’ll just say, Cloudwalkers is fantastic. One of my favorite books. It ends on a cliffhanger though! I’m wondering, do you have plans for a sequel? Thanks. -Grant

  19. Steven
    Steven says:

    I was recently listening to the Scrapyard Ship series. When I got to book 3, Space Vengeance I found it was unavailable on Amazon. Will it be re-released eventually?

  20. Mark V. Spadaro MD
    Mark V. Spadaro MD says:

    Mark – Have read a number of your books, and enjoyed them. Just finished Galaxy Man, and had no clue who was the perp. Good flow. Good misdirection. Did want to point out that Gallic couldn’t possibly have felt the onset of the bends diving for Lane in the submerged spaceship in the lake. For 2 reasons.1) Gallic wasn’t breathing pressurized air through a scuba rig, and, 2) the bends typically don’t begin until after a scuba diver surfaces. I was a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, and did a Hyperbaric Medicine mini-fellowship during my EM residency. Best regards, Mark

  21. Jim F.
    Jim F. says:

    Mark, I enjoyed your reference in Broadsides to the ballad Convoy. My late father knew adman Bill Fries who was doing Old Home Bread commercials and became C.W. McCall. As you probably know, Fries recorded Convoy with Chip Davis who directs Mannheim Steamroller. Maybe you have met Fries. I understand he is living in Ouray.

  22. David Wortman
    David Wortman says:

    Mark – as a retired US Navy commander with many years in submarines and sub tender duties, I found USS HAMILTON to have something not often found in sci-fi novels – character development. I loved the subtle nuances and mental gymnastics that an officer thrust into command at a very difficult time goes through. The story grabbed me and I am excited about going on with the series. Thanks for the great read – CDR Dave

  23. Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor says:

    So, I finished the Scrapyard Ship series – great read and fantastic character development. Ot-Mul got his just deserts! I still am puzzled: how is Dira’s physiology different, other than the obvious violet skin and long eyelashes. You refer to this difference several times but never really give details. I was a little disappointed at the end of book 7 when she sat on Jason’s lap that we still don’t know.

  24. James D Truscott
    James D Truscott says:

    Love the series so far! Just finished the second Hamiliton book and got the 3rd book. Quick question. In the second book Hardy put a worm virus on the enemy ship and then never heard anything about it after he left there to go back to the Hamiliton. Any comments?

  25. Chris K
    Chris K says:

    Hey Mark
    I was recently laid up with an injury and looking for a Series to read so I picked up USS Hamilton then proceeded to mow through all the books in like two weeks. Can not wait for the 6th book. A couple of questions: 1. How is this not a TV series? 2. Any updates on book 6?

    • Mark Wayne McGinnis
      Mark Wayne McGinnis says:

      Hamilton Book 6 (kindle) will be out in mid-August. If you know any tv/movie producers please tell them to get on the ball… I’m ready and willing to work with them. Thanks for reading.

  26. David K
    David K says:

    Yes! Need more Quintos & crew!!! How soon is book 6 arriving on Audible???
    I just listened through all 5 in the series, so far, in the last week on Audible. Just finished Oblivion a couple hours ago (started in OH & finished in Western MO).
    Series is great! Such diverse and week developed characters, great plots with lots of surprises, but also a very plausible, even logical progression with an expanding vision.
    As a CMV Driver your books have really helped me get a lot of miles in with a minimum of breaks!

    Thank you!!

    • Mark Wayne McGinnis
      Mark Wayne McGinnis says:

      Hamilton Book 6 (kindle) will be out in mid-August. Generally, it takes about 4 weeks before the audiobook comes live after the kindle. I always try to cut that time, but for some reason it’s a long process. Thanks for listening!

  27. Daniel H
    Daniel H says:

    Mark, just started The Fallen Ship (finished Scrapyard and Starwatch series and needed a new read). It’s very fun reading sci-fi with a regional twist. 🙂

    I would love to buy you a cup of coffee at B&B sometime. Or maybe at Crowfoot Valley? Show you my appreciation for your prolific and entertaining work.

  28. Ross
    Ross says:

    Just had to say that I found the USS Hamilton Series on Kindle and am absolutely tearing through them! Great characters, villains, and quite creative military sci-fi. The plots leave me thinking back to watching Star Trek TNG as a kid, (well sorta) but interesting none-the-less! Thanks for the enjoyable novels, will have to try the Scrapyard series after I finish the Hamilton series!


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