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Space Vengeance Audiobook Now Available!

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts on this site, you’re already (probably) aware of how much I LOVE the audiobook versions of the Scrapyard Ship series.  L. J. Ganser does a remarkable job as the voice for the series and with the just released audiobook version of Space Vengeance (book #3) – out […]

What’s Coming?

With book three, Space Vengeance, becoming another best seller on amazon the Scrapyard Ship series will continue. As long as the reviews stay positive and I keep getting emails from the book’s fans, I’m happy to keep it going. About half-written, the next book in the series is called Realms of Time. So far, it’s been […]

Space Vengeance

Available today (sometime)! “The crazy ride continues… and never lets up!” Captain Jason Reynolds is back! In the third installment of the Scrapyard Ship sci-fi adventure series, Space Vengeance, Jason, his family, and The Lilly’s crew face the impending destruction of their internal nano-devices. What’s worse, what remains of the Craing fleet, some 1500 warships, […]

HAB 12 Audio Book Available Now!

My friend and amazing narrator L. J. Ganser has done it again. If you haven’t been listening to audible versions of these books (Scrapyard Ship and now HAB 12) you are totally missing out. The characters and action really come alive with his professional capabilities. It’s a lot of fun – and what more can […]


The New Audiobook version of Scrapyard Ship is now available!!! I was fortunate to be involved with selecting the narrator’s voice for this project and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. L. J. Ganser did an amazing job. (Thank you L. J.!) The funny thing is, I imagined Captain Reynolds voice just as […]