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harry00I get asked this question a lot… “What got you started writing fiction… becoming a full-time author?”

For the most part, I was an indie filmmaker. Although I produced and directed other films, the most notable film anyone may of heard of was, Openings – The Search for Harry. Made back in 2010/20011, and was written by Pamela Cuming (and partially by myself) it was a fairly robust production by Indie standards with a big cast and large support crew. I directed the film and my wife (Kim) produced it. I’ve always been interested in where ‘inspiration’ comes from… in synchronicity.

I’m not a particularly religious person, and this film’s not a religious film — but does ask questions and provides the insights of some of today’s most prominent inspirational personalities. But it’s the underlying story, Harry’s story, (played by Jordan Leigh) that made me want to be involved with this film. The conflict that Harry traverses before figuring out what it is that makes for a life worth living… That’s what intrigued me.

Within weeks of finishing the production, the film was picked up by GaiamTV – who we discovered is one of the largest digital video providers on the planet. Openings has remained one of the GaiamTV’s top ten best-selling feature films for three years straight. The films also done very well on iTunes and Amazon.  I’m proud of that fact, but more proud that people (even now) still want to see the film and contact me with their own stories of Openings

By the way, those that have immersed themselves into the Scrapyard Ship series may find a bit of Harry Reed (Openings) in the Captain Jason Reynolds character — just a bit.

The movie is available to watch/download on, iTunes and of course GaiamTV itself, and the DVD available on the Openings – movie website. If you watch it, I’d like to here back from you – you’re thoughts on Openings and if you liked the film.

I have numerous film scripts going that are at different stages of completion — several that are near and dear to my heart. Some day I’m hoping to produce those films. As for a Scrapyard Ship film, (or series of films) a bigger studio would have to pick that up. Although biased, I think it would make for a kick-ass movie!

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  1. Andrew R. Kious, Colonel USAF(ret)
    Andrew R. Kious, Colonel USAF(ret) says:

    The last installment of of ‘scrapyard’ was great. I rarely read passages of any scifi book to my wife, but when you have a car fixing/home building/blackmailing robot and Home Depot in the same scene I couldn’t resist.
    I spend more time at Lowes or HD that any other retailer. Now if you can just loan me Teardrop for the weekend I might get that honeydo list finally done.
    Keep up the good work!


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