I use a Kindle Fire. I like the way I can set it to read to me—usually at night with earbuds hanging lightly in my ears as I lay in bed. The soft digitized woman’s voice is soothing and sophisticated sounding. Come to think of it, it’s not unlike how my mother used to read to me as a small child.

But I also like that I have a Digital library of all my books. Hundreds of ebooks that are all in one place—so easy to reference. My Kindle rocks!

A box arrived the other day from UPS. I love getting things from UPS—there’s something akin to Christmas mornings about the whole opening something that’s addressed to me and not knowing exactly what’s inside. On this particular day, as my dogs barked endlessly at the retreating UPS van, I discovered it was my latest shipment of printed Scrapyard Ship series paperback books.

As an indie Ebook author I sometimes forget the importance of  good old fashioned printed books. The tactile sensation of holding something in your hands, feeling the weight of it, flipping its pages as you consume its contents. I love books. I love to give them away to my family and friends. I don’t even mind that they’ll probably sit on a shelf somewhere undisturbed the entirety of their little book lives… Covers never to be spread… Pages never to be read. I don’t care. I just like knowing they are there and taking up actual physical space here in this ever-growing digital world of ours.


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  1. jim chrisco
    jim chrisco says:

    just finished book3 scrapyard ship , starting book 4 now. love the first 3. I am still using a kindle keyboard . I just like it simple :). keep writing good sci fi. thanks .


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