Reading Order

Hi friends here is a list of all my books (up until March 13, 2019) and the order in which they should be read. The Hidden Ship is my latest- released on March 13, 2019. Enjoy!

Scrapyard Ship Series
Scrapyard Ship (Book 1)
HAB 12 (Book 2)
Space Vengeance (Book 3)
Realms of Time (Book 4)
Craing Dominion (Book 5
The Great Space (Book 6)
Call To Battle (Book 7)

Tapped In Series
Mad Powers (Book 1)
Deadly Powers (Book 2)

Lone Star Renegades Series
Lone Star Renegades (also called ‘Jacked’) (Book 1)

Star Watch Series
Star Watch (Book 1)
Ricket (Book 2)
Boomer (Book 3)
Glory for Space Sea and Space (Book 4)
Space Chase (Book 5)
Scrapyard LEGACY (Book 6)

The Simpleton Series
The Simpleton (Book 1)
The Simpleton Quest (Book 2)

Galaxy Man Series
Galaxy Man (Book 1)

Ship Wrecked Series
Ship Wrecked (Book 1)
Ship Wrecked 2 (Book 2)

Cloudwalkers Series
Cloudwalkers (Book 1)

The Hidden Ship
The Hidden Ship

Both Print and Audiobook for Glory – now available.

glory for sea and space AUDIOBOOK VER_smFYI – Those interested in alternative (to E-books) ways of reading my books—both the print version and the Audiobook  versions are up on Amazon. Enjoy!

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Calling All Novelists

markonrocksFYI … For those writers / aspiring new novelists,  that would like to connect with me one on one about your projects … now’s your chance. Once a month – 2nd Tuesday – I’ll be heading up a MeetUp group in the Denver / Boulder area here in Colorado.  This “Writer’s Idea Factory” is on June 14th at the Louisville Alfalfa’s in their Community Room at 2:00 PM … show up if you can! Contact me for more info if you need it – thx!

I’m alive and well … just took a break

castle rock back yard medSo where the hell have I been …? I’ve been moving  (yes, still in Colorado) and taking a short break. Believe me, after writing 13 books in three years … it was necessary. I simply needed to ‘not write’ for a little while. I took the picture to the right on a walk this morning. This is what a breath of fresh air looks like … what relaxation looks like. My wife and I had reservations about moving to a small town. Would I loose touch with friends and family? Would I miss the hustle and bustle of Denver and Boulder …? Seems those things weren’t much of an issue. What I gained was something I’d forgotten about—like the way drivers here give a little wave of acknowledgment when sharing the same road … or how people at the supermarket actually make eye contact and smile at you. Our escape to Castle Rock has been wonderful so far and the really good news is I’m writing again.

Following on the success of Boomer, the 3rd Star Watch novel—comes Glory for Sea and Space. It will not be a typical Scrapyard/Star Watch book. Over the years I’ve had numerous requests for a book that explores the period before Scrapyard … when Jason’s father, Admiral Perry Reynolds, along with Ol’ Gus first discover The Lilly (along with Ricket) and eventually head out into space. It’s a complicated book, especially since I needed to address what had happened to Mollie and Boomer (somewhere off in the Multiverse). So we have a book that not only spans decades but centuries in time… For those that are big enough fans of the stories and actually read these posts … send me a note to become one of my pre-release reviewers. That’s all for now …  time to walk the dogs.

Ricket, Star Watch Book 2 — Audiobook Now Available

audiobookStar_Watch_RICKET_thumb_audio_thumbIf you’re like me, you relish the day when that certain best-seller becomes available on audiobook. Today may be that day for you.

I pretty much only read / listen, to books in audiobook format these days. By now you have become memorized by L.J. Ganser’s uncanny ability to capture each of the Star Watch (and Scrapyard Ship) characters. Ricket is probably the single-most ‘different’ of all my books in the two series. With the exception of Captain Jason Reynolds, Ricket is a huge fan favorite, eve though he’s non-violent, unabrasive, compassionate, and totally loyal. There’s no other character like him. As the Star Watch saga continues, you’ll witness Ricket’s own internal conflicts as he becomes more and more a hybrid being … partially Craing … partially technology-based. He get’s himself in a heap of trouble in this book and it’s only by sheer luck and keen intellect that he just might survive … just maybe.

Ricket, Star Watch Book 2 is now available on (and shortly on amazon)

Sherlock Holmes My Space


Someone asked me the other day where I do my writing, and where my creativity stems from. Well, my office is super small – and it’s packed with things that inspire me. There is zero space left on the walls, since I love art, most framed and hanging up, along with chockfull bookcases. I use my white board (actually a quasi-clear board) a lot, which takes up a bit of room also. To some, the space may seem a bit cluttered.

You can tell a lot about writers from their office space—at least, I think someone would be able to, viewing my own. A Sherlock Holmes-type person would pick up a ton of clues, revealed in the above adjoining photo. Let’s start with the bookshelf: Lots of books, most of which are thrillers, by the likes of Nelson DeMille, Harlan Coben, and David Baldacci. So there’s a big hint … you know I read thrillers. Oh, and there’s a Carl Hassen stuck in there, too. I love to laugh! The old mariner’s clock on the top shelf was my Dads, and it still works, though I don’t wind it anymore. The thing ticked so loudly that it got where I couldn’t stand hearing each minute slowly tick away…

The white board was recently erased so what’s up there now is pretty new. I put three stars near the words: Gym; Walk Dogs; and Get up and Move—reminders that sitting overly long is the new Smoking hazard. So I need to get up every hour, or so, and move around. And also schedule daily, taking my two frisky dogs out to the dog park for a three-mile jaunt. The word Gym is self-explanatory; I’m pretty regular, putting in an hour or two at the local fitness club.

The framed art shown on my office wall is a romantic, impressionistic, painting of a small coastal town in Italy—there are a handful of small boats, floating on azure, crystal-clear, waters … almost as though they are suspended in air. It reminds me of all the very cool places I haven’t traveled to yet …

On my desk is a brass light-fixture. With its exposed wire, and multiple pulleys, it has a turn-of-the-century look about it that I love.  Next to the light, just out of sight, is one of my Harmon / Kardon glass speakers.  I sometimes listen to loud music when I write—Rock … Pop … Oldies … all kinds of music.

There are four books resting atop a corner of the desk. The top one is my latest print/e-book release, Ricket – Star Watch, Book 2. I love its cover and can’t get enough seeing it. Soon, it too will go on top of my bookshelf, next to the ten earlier MWM book releases. Beneath Ricket, on my desktop, are three Trait Thesaurus books, by Ackerman and Pugilist—Negative traits, Positive traits, and Emotional traits. I love these books and use then all the flippin’ time.

Finally, you can see my big 27-inch iMac. Since the drapes are open, you can see the refection of a bit of Colorado’s autumn trees. You can also maybe spot a book cover proof (one of many) in PhotoShop—a possible choice for an upcoming sequel to Mad Powers, titled Deadly Powers. 🙂