Scrapyard Ship / Star Watch Series – Glossary of Term

Welcome to the on-line glossary. Two quick things … if you’re looking for a specific word or phrase, best to use your browser’s top menu Edit / Find feature vs. the little Magnifier Glass symbol on my site.  Also … we tried to be careful about giving away information you may not want to know, yet. But the nature of a glossary such as this is that it provides historical information on characters and events. For instance … S spoiler alert … Ricket is still alive.

Main Characters

Jason Reynolds

The protagonist in the novel. A former U.S. Navy SEAL officer who graduated from Annapolis. Overly righteous, quick on his feet, intelligent with great leadership skills. Tall, muscular, with short black hair and dark eyes. Even though his military life has, at some point, overshadowed his family, he is a caring father to his daughter. His life changes abruptly when he returns after many years to his childhood home in San Bernardino at Casa Scrapyard. From Lieutenant Commander of the U.S. Gunship Tripoli, to convict, to a captain on alien ship, The Lilly, and then to Fleet Omni. The Scrapyard Ship and Star Watch books take place during the period of time when he is 37 to 45 years old.

Rank: Lieutenant Commander/Captain/Omni

Gunny Orion

Gunnery chief. Originally a Marine with the United Planetary Alliance. From the planet called Tarkin, she was a well-known sports figure. She doesn’t like talking about her life on Tarkin even though she was some kind of a superstar athlete and was undefeated. Tall, broad, attractive, muscular, and strong, with a mixture of both feminine and masculine characteristics. Six foot three in height. Over her dark skin is an intricate pattern of geometric tattooed symbols. Passionate about guns, about training, and she isn’t someone with whom anyone would want to mess, especially anyone who considers females to be the weaker sex. She does not accept gender-biased limitations. A love interest to Billy. 27 years old.

Princess Dira Caparri

She is a medical doctor/med tech. She works in Medical aboard The Lilly and is an expert with the MediPod devices. She has saved multiple lives thanks to her skills and quick thinking. Kind, exotic and beautiful, with violet skin, short black hair and two-inch-long lashes. She has a bit of a childish sense of humor. She is from a planet in the Altar system called Jhardon where her parents, two sisters and brother live. Her father and mother are ruling monarchs on that planet. Dira ran away from home so she could work as a doctor, since her mother said it is degrading for a princess to do that kind of work. Admiral Reynolds helped her secure the Medical Officer position on The Lilly. A love interest to Jason. 29 years old.

Rank: Medical Officer/Lieutenant Commander in charge of the Minian’s onboard medical hospital


Science Officer on board The Lilly. Originally a Craing and then a cyborg (half organic, half mechanical body, after going through the transformation of eternity) and then back again to Craing (via a MediPod procedure). He is highly intelligent, poised, kind, and has a deeper understanding of the technology on The Lilly than anyone else on the ship. Ricket is someone Jason has learned to trust and lean on in complicated situations. His real name is Reechet, as the Craing population knows him; he was the Loop scientist and has a mysterious past with unknown loyalties. Ricket was found, along with The Lilly, by Gus and Admiral Reynolds beneath the Scrapyard. Over 200 years old.

Mollie Reynolds

Jason and Nan’s daughter. Mollie is 8 years old, four feet and one inch tall, with black hair, wearing braces. Curious, funny, noisy, goofy, adventurous, loves animals and is very energetic. When Mollie and her father got on board The Lilly, she started working in the Zoo so she can be closer to the animals and have a real adult responsibility. Her favorite animal is Raja, an alien similar to the Indian elephant. She loves spending every second on the ship and is sometimes overly motherly to her father.

Boomer Reynolds

Boomer is actually Mollie from a different time realm created by the realms of time. The name she gave herself comes from a snake called boomslang. After traumatic experiences and the absence of her father, she has turned into a rebellious person and emerged as a young warrior in her own right. But despite acting tough and wearing dark clothes, usually dark-gray spacer jumpsuits, Boomer is still deep down a sweet and loving little girl. Later on, Boomer will find out just how important she is for the universe.

Lieutenant Billy Hernandez

One of the strongest SEALs in the unit, Billy is Jason’s closest friend. Tall, muscular, brave, loyal, and always ready for battle, he has a sarcastic sense of humor. Even in the most difficult of situations, Billy can find something funny to comment on it. Always smoking his Gurkha-brand cigars. Six foot five inches tall. His love interest is Orion. 35 years old.

Nancy Reynolds 

Jason’s ex-wife, she is usually called Nan. Beautiful, sarcastic, and smart, Nan has a nice figure and long chestnut hair. She is a good mother to Mollie and an educated lawyer at George Washington University. Even though she left Jason, eventually she will renew her love for him. Later on, Nan will become very important for the world — the secretary of inter-stellar relations and at one point acting president of the United States. 36 years old.

Perry Reynolds

Father to Jason and Brian and grandfather to Mollie. A big, robust man with salt and pepper hair—more salt than pepper. Commanding in every sense of the word, he is the military leader of the United Planetary Alliance. Although he was beaten by the Craing in the early years of the war, he is still a fighter, but he has lost his impetus to lead the Alliance/Military. He will do whatever it takes to save the planet Earth and to free the universe from the Craing’s dominion. 60-65 years old.

Rank: Captain of The Lilly/Admiral of the United Planetary Alliance

…“Who am I, you ask? I am the only person on this planet who has experience leading military forces in deep space. I am the only person on this planet who has the foggiest idea about the enemy. For fifteen years, I have witnessed their cunning first hand, their brutality. I know how they think. And if that’s not enough, I am the only person on this planet who has strong, personal relationships with the leaders of the other worlds that make up the Alliance. Close to one hundred billion people. Bluster all you want, Ben, but when it comes down to who I think I am, I’m the United Planetary Alliance Commander for those worlds, and as far as they are concerned, I outrank the president, and I certainly outrank you. There is only one way in which you can take charge of any allied vessel, and that is if I allow it.”

(HAB 12, page 47)


Other Characters

Chief Engineer Horris Latimer

Often referred to as Chief, he is a big stodgy, and a bit chubby in the gut. Even though he is a great engineer he doesn’t completely understand the advanced Caldurian technology on The Lilly, which is ahead of its time, but he is too proud to say that and he tries to hide it. The chief enjoys giving big speeches and showing off his knowledge of the ship. He is amazing with FTL fusion drive mechanics. He is basically a good guy, just a bit naive and he has no authority over subordinates. 50 years old.

Rank: Ship’s Engineer


Fought in Iraq where he was a helicopter pilot. A young officer with sandy blond hair. Becomes XO after being promoted by Captain Reynolds (making him Second in Command of The Lilly). He is competent and has become Jason’s right hand. He is disciplined and always follows orders (always goes by the book). Perkins was responsible for maintaining ship security. 26 to 30 years old.

Rank: Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander (XO)

Petty Officer Rizzo

A young Navy SEAL, Rizzo is one of the Captain Reynolds’ go-to people for missions. Reliable, first in line for combat, and short tempered, he is a good person in general. Rizzo joined the Navy when he turned eighteen, and after his stint he went to college in Columbia for four years where he majored in History. He returned to the Navy after his brother died in Afghanistan. Rizzo is one of the most competent SEALs. 28 years old.

Gaddy Lom

A Craing, from a Craing world called Halimar. Three feet tall, with long black hair, she is a young student studying at Craing University. She is a rebel against the Craing government’s policy, a dissident underground leader but also the niece of High Priest Overlord Lom. Gaddy is the Craing commander of a ship. 23 years old.

Ensign McBride

Often referred to as Helm, McBride is a young pilot officer responsible for Helm and Navigation on The Lilly. The ensign looks like a big kid. He often makes childish or inappropriate remarks. 27 years old.


A rhino-warrior, 7 feet high and weighing 1000 pounds. From the planet called Trumach, Traveler belongs to a breed of rhinos called Greys. His planet was conquered by the Craing and later on completely destroyed. He lives to fight and go into battle. He has become a loyal friend to Jason.


A chef on The Lilly. Chubby-faced Seaman, friendly and enthusiastic. 45 years old.

Chief Petty Officer Woodrow 

As a trained wartime sniper/killer he became a close quarters combat instructor on The Lilly. Tall, muscular, with broad shoulders and a thin waist. He trains other crew members with the intention of teaching them not only how to protect themselves but how to kill as well. He is ruthless and determined, and some even believe he is a psychopath. 35 years old.

Brian Reynolds

The older brother to Jason. He was reported to be killed in a friendly-fire incident fighting in Iraq. Shorter and stockier than Jason, with a few gray hairs at his temples. Brian shows up later and actually joined the Alliance, after which he was captured by the Craing and became a Craing emissary. He had a wife and two kids on a planet similar to Earth. Brian’s loyalties are weak, and he has betrayed the Alliance more than once. 38 years old.


A young genius, Bristol is Captain Stalls’s half-brother. Short, with pale skin, a pimply face, light blue eyes, his beak-like nose gives him a bird-like quality. Bristol is indifferent towards everyone and everything. He uses bad language, has a big mouth, and he is disrespectful, yet jaunty. Stalls, Bristol and Hanna share the same father. 23 years old.

Captain Stalls

A pirate and brother to Bristol. His first name is Eston but he doesn’t like to be called that. He is a tall man with long black hair that he usually ties in a tail, a long beard and dark eyes. Ruthless and evil, he has become a lethal enemy to Jason. His primary goal is to kidnap Nan Reynold and take her for his own. He is determined to kill Jason but before that to make his life miserable. 37 years old.

Admiral Crawford

 U.S. Navy commander of Air Station Meridian, East Central Mississippi. Red hair and a bit ‘butch.’ Bossy and unlikable by many.

Benjamin Walker

U.S. Secretary of Defense. Broad shoulders, large square head topped off with a mane of thick black hair, a deep voice and strong authority. Commanding and fair. The leader of the Joint Chiefs that come on board The Lilly. Smart, cunning, and loyal to his country. Someone who Jason trusts. 60 years old.

President Howard Ross

The president is a stout man in his mid-fifties. Wearing glasses, he looks a lot like Teddy Roosevelt and has similar mannerisms. Basically a good guy.

Brian Carter

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the United States Marine Corps. Bald head, short-tempered, presumptuous but overly righteous and sincere. 56 years old.

Rank: General

Harold Brightman

Chief of Staff of the Navy.

Rank: Vice-Admiral

Eric Slayton

Rank: General

Chief of Staff of the Army.

Peter Bickerdike

Chief of Staff of the Air Force. He is actually a Craing Hybrid who infiltrated into the White House so he can spy and give information to the Craing.

Rank: General

Toby Jackson

Sergeant Jackson, from the Delta Forces team. He is an enormous African-American Army Ranger. He is black, muscular, and over six and a half feet tall. He has a gold front tooth.

Emperor Quorp

High leader of the Craing Empire, he is usually surrounded by the Craing High Priests. He’s devious and pompous.

Petty Officer Priscilla Miller

Petty Officer Miller is hired by Nan Reynolds to watch over Mollie on board The Lilly and later on the Cutlass. Arrogant, stubborn and a bit of a pain, she means well and would give her life to protect Mollie.

King Caparri

Dira’s father. He is a tall man with broad shoulders. Like all Jhardonians, he has violet skin and long eyelashes. The king is righteous and respected by the people of Jhardon. 60 years old.

Queen Lonna Caparri

Mother to Dira. On Jhardon the queen is no less powerful than the king. She refused to allow Dira to work as a doctor because she felt it would be degrading for a princess to do that kind of work.


A pirate working for Captain Stalls, the gray-bearded elderly pirate manning the Comms station. 75 years old.


Humanoid, of an alien race that has no names but are referred to by numbers. Brian Reynolds gave her the name Betty. Her abbreviated number is 56567. Short and pretty, outspoken and direct.

High Priest Overlord Lom

The leader of the religious faction of the Craing and, like the Emperor, devious, patronizing and ruthless. He wears a strange three-foot-tall cone-shaped headdress. Age unknown.

Lieutenant Craig Wilson

Fighter squadron self-appointed leader, U.S.Navy pilot. He became the commander of The Lilly’s Top Gun pilots. Achieved Top Gun status in his group, competent and reliable, always the first to step up for missions. Short and pushy, yet highly capable. The only pilot besides Jason who can fly the Pacesetter. 30 years old.


The Zoo caretaker, an older man with a long gray beard, he usually wears green overalls. A bit sloppy or messy looking. He is not technical in the slightest, but he cares about the animals. Mollie’s part-time boss. 58 years old.

Lieutenant Commander Morgan

U.S. Navy SEAL. Interested in Dira, he doesn’t know how to take no for an answer. Jason does not particularly like him.

Gus (old Gus or ol’ Gus)

Jason’s grandfather. He raised Jason and Brian from an early age when their father went missing, and ran the family scrapyard business. He was the first one to discover the underground dried up aquifer, as well as The Lilly.

Lieutenant Grimes

U.S. Navy pilot. She is considered to be the best, possibly an even better pilot than Wilson. She pilots the shuttle called Magnum, a fighter from the Minian. Five foot two in height, she has brown eyes and short hair in a bob style, with bangs. Being a female in a male-dominated environment, the Navy, she had to stand out and try hard to get recognition. That made her confident and persistent. 29 years old.


Commander of Vanguard fleet and the leader of an incredibly powerful, far-reaching military force. After he successfully destroyed five Allied worlds, Emperor Lom promoted him to Chief Military Commander. Ruthless and devious, he wants to destroy every planet across the universe. He is very admired by the Craing people. Ot-Mul wants power and he strives to become an emperor, a position he later comes to realize he doesn’t want.

Rank: Commander of Vanguard fleet /Chief Military Commander / Acting Emperor / back to Chief Military Commander


A Chayenne girl from the year 1876. Beautiful with long black hair and big brown eyes. She has become attached to Rizzo.

Admiral Ti

A Mau female officer.

Nathan Reese

DOD special agent working for the government of the Unites States. He was given orders to protect Nan and Mollie and get them to Cheyenne Mountain. He is a Navy man. Handsome—muscular build, smooth mocha skin—with a young Denzel Washington-look going on.


DOD special agent. Too serious, the plain-faced woman is a dear friend of Reese. Together they were given orders to protect Nan and Mollie and get them to Cheyenne Mountain.


70 years old. With long gray hair, he is sloppy and smokes cigarettes. He has a problem with breathing and gets tired easily. The owner of an equipment dealership (trucks and tractors). He has a biker look going on. A good guy.


Young boy rescued from the molt weevil cocoons. Mollie’s age.


Mother to Calvin. She was also rescued from the molt weevil cocoons.


Bristol and Captain Stalls’ half sister, she is a beautiful, young, slender Tromian woman. She has long blond hair and a strong character. She is trying to find her husband who was taken by the Sahhrain and thrown into prison camps. Later she will realize it’s not as it seems to be. 24 years old.

Superintendent Miles Gettling

The supervisor of Dreathlor prison barge, he is a human. Even though many would find that kind of work in that place intolerable, among the distant moans and screams of the exiled—and routinely tortured—he finds it his home. A slender man of average height, with a tightly, impeccably trimmed beard. Dreathlor prison barge was his domain, his purpose in life. He has no desire for conventional relationships, or to live among his own kind.

Michael and Jeffery Gordon

Identical twins, recruits from the Earth Alliance outpost. They are stocky, and with their red hair shaved; they both have identical-looking moles on their right cheeks. People always get them mixed up, which irritates everyone on board The Lilly. Typically, they aren’t posted on the same shift together.


Seaman First Class.

Admiral Malinda Cramer

The commanding officer at Air Station Meridian. An intelligent woman with short red hair and fair skin. Commanding in every sense of the word. Sarcastic and a bit rammish, she is a good person in general. She likes to have things under her control and that is why she can come on a bit too strong. An attractive woman, approaching fifty.

Ri Young

North Korean Secretary of the General’s Staff.

Security Commander Larkbadder

He is a prisoner on Planet Trom, but also in charge of security on Cloud-Port E5926 and other cloud-ports.

Lieutenant Garret

Stocky, with broad shoulders and an extreme flattop haircut. A bit smug and self-sufficient, but, all in all, he is a professional when it comes to work.

Leon Pike

A human from Earth who used to work under the supervision of young Admiral Perry Reynolds on The Lilly before the Craing crashed his vessel onto a desolate planet called Genocide 5 or Gen5. At only twenty-six he became known as the Merchant Trader, but the truth is he was up for hire for any number of trades. The intergalactic life made him become more resourceful and trenchant. He made many allies and even more enemies. He is rough around the edges, but a good guy in general. 26 years old. He is Hanna’s love interest.

Prince Aahil Aqeel

His people are called the Blues. A scruffy beard covers the lower part of his long and handsome face. He has large brown eyes and perfect white teeth. Smart, patient, and a heroic Tahli warrior.

Capri Sharan

A Tahli warrior. An attractive woman, tall, with reddish-brown hair, she is slender and angular looking. She is training Mollie to become a Tahli warrior and to learn the skills of Kahill Callan so she can defeat the Lord Vikor Shakrim. Given the name Briar Mansfield and the title Petty Officer, she hides her identity so she can be with Mollie on The Lilly and train her without any interrogation.

Sergeant Stimley

A sergeant on the Parcical. He has a Southern drawl.

Lieutenant Thom Price

A tactical officer on loan to the Parcical from the Minian.

Admiral Portman

The admiral who holds the highest-ranking Liberty Station position, a true leader.

Admiral Irene Gleason

A high-up admiral on Liberty Station.

Admiral Akimoto

A high-up admiral on Liberty Station.

Admiral Mayweather

An admiral on Liberty Station.

Admiral Pike

An admiral on Liberty Station.

Admiral Paul Sands

U.S. Chief of Naval Operations in 1995.

Commander Geffen

Captain Perry Reynolds’s second-in-command on the Gallant in 1995.

Admiral Garry

A U.S. Navy admiral in 1995.

Thom Lorkin

Captain of the Independence in 1995.

Admiral Clive McGuffey

Aboard the Independence in 1995, he is the commanding officer for the Taiwan Strait war games.

Seaman Miller

A talkative U.S. seaman posted on the Montana in 1995.

Commander Leif Greco

Perry’s XO on the Montana in 1995. Wiry-looking and less than average height, he sports a mustache over thick, protruding, fish-like lips, and his darting eyes are small and dark, giving the impression of high intelligence. The young officer radiates hostility.

Ensign Powell

A seventy-six-year-old Navy ensign. An original crewmember on an Iowa-class vessel, he is stationed on the USS Montana in 1995.

Lieutenant Mansfield

An original crewmember on an Iowa-class vessel, stationed on the USS Montana in 1995.

Lieutenant Madison

A crewmember of the USS Montana in 1995.

Terry Hill

A Fox Newscaster,  she is tall, blonde, confident and driven. She covers the embarkation of the USS Montana in 1995.

Petty Officer Gaffney

Petty Officer on the USS Montana in 1995.

Chief Engineer Morley Longines

Chief Engineer on the USS Montana in 1995. A slender man in his late thirties, he wears wire-rimmed glasses and a thin, Errol Flynn-style mustache.

Warrant Officer Gilroy

A crewmember of the USS Montana in 1995.


A human-like alien in the multiverse on Crimon, captain of security enforcement of the outer-world.


A security team member on Crimon, Glorianne is somewhat shorter than other Crimon, and wears leather. A waterfall of wavy-brown hair cascades out from the back of her leather headwear, down to the middle of her back. Her features are slight, and she is attractive.


The maintenance superintendent for outer-world Crimon.

Captain Montoro

A Caldurian fleet commander in the early Craing expansion 200 years ago.


Caldurian Master of Engineering on The Lilly before it crash-landed 200 years ago.

First Officer Hormly Fine

A Caldurian first officer found on The Lilly with Ricket 200 years ago.


Caldurian Officer One of Dispatch 11.


The ranking officer of the Sahhrain interstellar fleets after Lord Sharkrim’s demise. He commands the Mamet, a Vastma-class Command Ship.


A Sahhrain and Brakken’s second-in-command aboard the Mamet.

Abigale “Mamma” Picket

The Picket family matriarch and general manager of Picket Mining. Easily six foot three and weighing no less than two hundred and fifty pounds. Picket Mining was once one of North America’s oldest and largest coal mining outfits from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and now a substantial mining organization of a variety of rare elements mined within the Kuiper Belt. The family business is run by Mamma and her four sons: Orloff, Brent, Larry and Payne.

Orloff Picket

The youngest of the three Picket brothers, Orloff works for Picket Mining in space, but has been institutionalized in the past for psychological disorders. Diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder, he may instead be a psychopath. Forty-three years old, his formal education level is the third grade. He is six foot five and three hundred and three pounds. He is missing two fingers—both pinkies—believed to be the results of self-induced anatomical experiments.

Brent Picket

Orloff’s oldest brother. Brent is over six-five, packed with two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle, bearded, and looks like Jethro from the old TV show The Beverly Hillbillies.

Larry Picket

Orloff’s brother Larry looks like Larry from early days Three Stooges fame. Uncanny, he’s bigger and brawnier, but his hair’s a dead ringer for the old idiot-playing stooge.

Payne Picket

Orloff’s brother Payne is big and brutish; he almost never speaks. Payne has a perpetual Elvis-like snarl on his face due to some early years mining accident.


A Craing Engineer kept captive aboard the Picket family’s heavy cruiser long after the end of the Craing war. Small and intelligent, he looks a lot like Ricket.

Eleanore Hatfield

Mamma Picket’s cousin and niece, a small, waif-like woman. Her hair is long and stringy, and she weighs eighty to ninety pounds with several missing teeth; the few still there were mostly crooked and brownish-gray in color. She’s a descendent of Hatfield from the Hatfield and McCoy feud.

John Baxtor

Captain of the Pisces.

Colonel Stephen Pope

Secret Service agent assigned to Ex-president Nan Reynolds; he’s an ex-marine.

Ryan Chase

A Consignment Freight Van driver and the nephew of Nan Reynolds. He’s designated Driver 412 by CF. Twenty-three years old, he’s an ex-Navy pilot.

Two-ton (Donald Koffman): A friend of Ryan’s and a CF Van driver designated  Driver 211. He was big, more than actually fat, like an overgrown Jethro. Twenty-four years old, he’s Kansas-born and a programming genius.


Ryan’s girlfriend, CF employee working through CF’s pilot certification program on Van 429 with her partner Olivia. Intelligent, pretty, with an athletic build, she’s a Scandinavian blond with bright blue eyes.

Olivia Baldacci

Wendy’s partner, pilot of CF Van 429. Olivia’s hair, worn long, is auburn and her eyes a warm chocolate; she has an athletic build like Wendy, and the two are close like sisters.

Tony Post

Ryan’s detestable CF supervisor. Going on forty, he’s pudgy, unattractive and mean.

Gary Lomar

A friend of Ryan Chase’s, another CF Van pilot.

Carl and Melissa Rizzo

Ricky Rizzo’s parents.

Stuart Futch

Commonly known as Stu-Fu. The pirate was a middle-aged American who’d been captured from his small mid-western farm during the early years of the Craing war and now has annexed part of Allied Space, operating a pirate syndicate.

Tanya Pope

The name used by Nan undercover to investigate the Pickets and determine the whereabouts of Orloff Picket.

Space Sharks

Or just Sharks. Specially-trained, highly lethal men and women from a hybrid Marine, Navy SEAL contingent. They remain on board The Minian to help Jason in battle. Billy gained a leadership position in the Sharks.

Tobi Tops Limon (Shark) One of the Sharks selected by Billy on a team to find Mollie and Boomer aboard the Storm. Six feet five inches tall, with wide shoulders, his blond flattop earns him the nickname Tops. Tops is the single best shot with a rifle in any of the U.S. forces’ branches. His one and only flaw is a pronounced stutter.

Corporal Hayes (Shark)

One of seven Sharks on a team aboard the Storm. He is young, and tattoos cover both arms and most of his neck.

Juan Sanchez (Shark)

One of seven Sharks on a team aboard the Storm. About five foot four, he is mean in battle and very courageous.

Rosy (Shark)

A young, perpetually pink-cheeked Shark.

Master Sergeant Gillroy Blatt (Shark)

A Shark squad commander. He is a straight shooter who came up through the ranks on the Minian. He has a shiny, bald, bullet-like head, an accentuated thick neck and chest, and billowing arm muscles. Because he has no eyebrows—only a straight-lined scar running from one side of his forehead to the other—the result of a friendly fire plasma-gun accident years earlier—he always looks angry.

Rom Dasticon

It is foretold among the Sahhrain people in ancient tablet writings that the darkness will rise and take every soul into his realms of infinite darkness. That darkness is a demi-god called Rom Dasticon. The all-powerful Sachem looks old and withered, with a long, narrow face. Dark, sunken cheeks with exaggerated folds and wrinkles, covering millennia, sagged his ancient, grayed, flesh. He has blue and intelligent eyes and claw-like hands. The mere appearance of this being is frightening.

Army Ranger, Sergeant Gail Stone

She is six feet tall and thin. She has short platinum blond hair with bangs.

Commander Ridert Douville

Hanna’s husband. He was taken by the Sahhrain people years ago. After being a prisoner, he became the leader of Lord Vikor Shakrim’s very own Chosen Spears imperial guard. Wearing an eye patch since he lost an eye, he is a stout-looking human with a muscular physique, and he has become as devious and evil as his leader.

Captain Mar Oswaldo

Also known as Captain Oz, he is the Darion Cartel’s most famous captain. He is an amazing tactician and has never lost a battle, and never been defeated in space combat.

Omni Hobel 

Commander on the Parcical, he held the officer’s title of Omni, equivalent to the rank of Captain and sometimes Admiral on Earth. With broad shoulders, he is older, and usually wears an all-white, single piece uniform with four blue stripes on each of his sleeves. He is intelligent and has a lot of respect for Ricket and his scientific work.

General Jonathan Taft

A close friend of Jason and Admiral Reynolds. In his elderly years, he became more of a diplomat than a military man. He died while making a negotiation for Allied presence.

Silgin Burak

An Erokian humanoid, he is the Port City head engineer. He is short, pudgy, sloppy and partially bald.

Admiral Dixon

A middle-aged, silver-haired officer, with gray-blue eyes and a strong Southern drawl. Sharp, reliable, strict and a good person. Jason likes and respects this man.


Tall with a full head of salt and pepper hair and striking blue eyes, which isn’t characteristic to other Caldurians. Over two thousand years old. Granger would play for whichever team will benefit him most, and Jason does not trust him. But through time, this Caldurian will show his commitment to the Alliance and help them in many ways.

Rank: Alliance officer/Captain


Science officer on board the Parcical. An old Caldurian, he is pleasant and a bit too chatty. He limps when he walks. His goal was to find Ricket because he says the lives of all Caldurians are in jeopardy. He is one of the most intelligent beings in the universe, but he is also responsible for systematic genocide. He created the Mechnoids to end what is left of the Caldurian originals’ populace. 110 years old.

Strorn Manning

Captain of the Big Jugs. Humanoid, a bearded man, he looks like a member of the band ZZ Top.

Admiral Stark

An Alliance admiral, he is the ranking officer on Liberty Station. He has a round face, round rosy cheeks, and a roundish, squatty body. His demeanor exudes friendliness and likability with his Southern drawl.


Jason and Nan’s son, he is five years old. He was born at the end of the Craing War, and he wants to be a fleet captain in space when he grows up.

Lilith Ann Reynolds

Admiral Perry’s wife and Jason and Brian’s mother.

Captain Cole Thomas

A naval captain in the 1970s.

Green Barrett

A friend of Perry Reynolds, he taught the Admiral an Aikido hold many years earlier.

Lieutenant Julie Poll

A fighter pilot on the Parcical. She is twenty-three years old and unsurpassed in the cockpit.

Major Phillip Rutherford

An Air Force Major in 1995. He has close-cropped black hair and a strong, lantern-like jaw. His eyes are pale blue.


SEAL crew members

McMillian, Thomason, Brown, Gomez, Scotty, Mead, Holloway, Goldstein, Donaldson, Powell, Lieutenant Commander Morgan, Hansen, Petty Officer Rizzo, Petty Officer Chris Myers, Chang, DeMille


Creatures from various planets


An alien species with a head that looks much like that of a rhinoceros — horn and all — and a massive upright muscular body, they are seven to ten feet tall, and weigh over a thousand pounds. Proud and honorable warriors who live for battle. There are two breeds of rhinos, one called Greys and the other called Reds. Red rhinos are a bit different from Greys, they are larger and less intelligent. The two rhino breeds have always been at war. Greys are from the planet Trumach, and Reds are from the planet Mangus. Both breeds of rhinos are known for carrying their four-hundred-pound heavy hammers with them.

Traveler – leader of the Greys.

Three Horns

First Reflection

Second Reflection

Breeds Often

Billowing Gust

Rustling Leaves

Few Words

Hangs to Ground – leader of the Reds.

Born Late

Stands in Storm

Walks With Limp

Fast Like Wind


The Craing

Aliens who inhabit the seven worlds of Craing space. Terplin is the seat of power where the Emperor resides. They are 3-4 feet tall, with grayish skin that is thick and creased, or hide-like, with short, stubby arms and legs, triangular-shaped heads, and large eyes. These little bad aliens are trying to take over the universe. They preform rituals when they kill in respect for their Emperor with religious fervor. Even so, there is some portion of the Craing population that is against the Craing policy of universe domination.




Ry-Jon – Ot-Mul’s second in command even though he is not one of Ot-Mul’s favourite Craing.

Sto-Pip – Captain of a Craing dreadnaught

Posh-Hok – Lom’s cook

Emperor Quorp

NaNang, Drig, Rup-Lor and Trainz

Vik-Ta – Vice Commander of the Vanguard fleet

Wik-ma – Leader of a Craing tribe in HAB 12

Captain Dolom – Young Craing Captain on one of the Craing vessels

Zay-Lee – Gaddy’s friend, Challa’s boyfriend and Gaddy’s lover. He is also a rebel against Craing dominion.

Challa – Gaddy’s college friend

Mor-Crik – Reigning high priest overlord. Over a hundred years old.

Vigil-Kin – A Craing officer, and Ot-Mul’s cousin

Captain Gee

Han Di – Empire Fleet Commander of a Craing Dreadnaught.


Admiral Jo

Captain Pen

Captain Gee-Shi

Captain Mar-Lee

ChorLok – Ot Mul’s new second in command



Influential politically aligned Craing religious leaders. There are six of them; they often surround the Emperor.


Serapins (Serapin-Terplins)

Aliens that look a lot like Raptors on Earth. They are light blue in color, and they have hands and fingers with sharp claws. About seven feet tall, they are very fast and dangerous. Highly intelligent, they can communicate with each other. They are often utilized by the Craing to patrol the catwalks within prison confinement cage areas. They are also located in HAB 12.

The Caldurians

The original designers of The Lilly. Tall creatures with long fingers, angular heads, shorter torsos, and longer limbs. Caldurians are known for their advanced technology. Their world, Calduria, was thought to have been destroyed by the Craing when their attempts to subjugate the Caldurian people failed. The Caldurians are a race of humanoid descent. They pride themselves on being a peace-loving culture, one that thrives on its intellectual, artistic, and humanistic exchange with other worldly cultures. Caldurians have existed for hundreds of thousands of years, they are fascinated by alien cultures and alien worlds to the point that it’s a cultural obsession. Their advanced Caldurian technology has allowed them near-perfect existence across numerous realms of the multiverse.

Originals: A faction of the Caldurians who travel the galaxy in what they refer to as Crystal Cities. The originals do not share the belief that crossing into an alternate multiverse realm is acceptable. To them, it is some sort of Caldurian sacrilege.

Progressives: A faction of the Caldurians who, on the other hand, are far more technologically advanced, more willing to break free from the bindings of old myths and religious doctrines.


Omni Hobel

Barkley – A young Caldurian crewmember



Moe – The bossy one, has a little hair on top of his head





They are a highly intellectual race but emotionally immature and ultra-sensitive to the point of distraction. Small, hovering, bodiless, machine-like creatures about the size of an average table lamp—table lamps with mechanical arm appendages, and hands with five finger-like digits. Their tops are clear, enclosed, egg-shaped containers; inside them sloshed a pinkish, viscous liquid, a full-sized brain, with two extended eyeballs. They were once humanoids before the Craing destroyed their world and this form of life was the only one they could survive in. Their world, Allaria, has been tormented by the Craing for many years until the surface’s total destruction. Their only purpose is to avenge their ancestors. After the MediPod procedure, Jason helped them return to the original form of their race.

First in command – Chromite

Second in command – Graphite

Third in command – Silicate



Small humanoids that were kept captive for a Craing sport called Gallopy. The Craing call them Gallos. Similar to humans on Earth, the Rallm had a diverse range of ethnicities and multiple races. Their planet is situated beyond the outer fringe of Allied space. They were once normal sized humans but when some kind of space anomaly happened near their planet they became small. Their technology is more advanced than Earth’s.


Todd – designated leader of the small humans. 37 years old.






They are rich with scientific and progressive technological advances. Their faces are emotionless, with mouths drawn open as if in a perpetual scream. They have white skin, with a deathly blue tint. Wearing black or dark gray uniforms, these creatures indeed look scary. A highly empathic race, they posses the ability to manipulate the emotional state of less-evolved beings. They joined the Craing for political reasons.


Peace loving aliens with violet skin. They pride themselves for their beautiful planet and its rulers.

Dira Caparri

King Caparri

Queen Lonna Caparri

El – Dira’s young handmaiden

Viceroy Rhonn



The Tromian people are known to be good traders and they avoid war. They provided mined minerals and other raw materials for the Craing interstellar fleet and that’s what kept their planet Trom somewhat safe. After the destruction of Craing, the Pharlom attacked and annihilated their planet.




Bassilion traders

An alien race that specializes in trade. Similar to humanoids, but they all have long, snake-like tails.


The Pharlom

A bizarre race of aliens. Distinctive in looks and mannerisms, they don’t have faces, which makes them quite scary. They have a head, but it looks more like a piece of granite than something organic. These creatures are big and imposing and look like brown-colored stone men; they all wear black and have armor plating secured over their chest, lower torso, and upper thighs. Their hands have eight fingers—digits—and the rest of their physical appearance is more mineral-based than fleshy. Their every movement produces the sound of stone grating against a stone. Also called pillagers of worlds, they ravage at will all the planets within the solar system.

Mangga — The fleet’s Grand Overseer, equivalent to the rank of admiral.


The Sahhrain

Also called the Dark. A superstitious people, they have waited thousands of years for the one called Rom Dasticon, a demi-god, to come and end all worlds. They take joy in the misery of others; driven by ancient rituals, superstitions, myths, and folklore, the Sahhrain are consumed with a dark, evil belief system that crosses into the afterlife. The Sahhrain possess mental powers, the telekinesis abilities. The Sahhrain were infamous for inflicting rituals of unending suffering.

Lord Vikor Shakrim

He is the leader of the Sahhrain. The only one whom he fears and has veneration for is Rom Dasticon, a demi-god. A big man with a reflective gold breastplate and a black cloak — which became his unmistakable signature. His bare chest looked like two swollen pillows; the muscles on his arms bulged—taut, branch-like veins loomed large in his underarm flesh. He is evil and vicious.

Lord Zintar Shakrim

Leader of the Sahhrain, he succeeded Lord Vikor Shakrim. He wears body armor and he is easily eight feet tall. He’s an ugly, hairy beast, but smarter than his brother.

Lord Jarial Shakrim

The son of Lord Zintar Shakrim, Jarial is a Sahhrain warrior about Boomer’s age. He’s a skilled warrior in the Sahhrain Kahill Callan. He will do anything to please his father, and is the heir to lead the Sahhrain after him.


Lord Zintar Shakrim’s second in command. At seven feet tall, he is handsome, and has refined Sahhrain sensibilities. He has slender, though chiseled, muscles beneath his uniform, and he is a cunning warrior that few would ever contemplate going up against. The only one known to have beaten him, while sparring within a combat rink, was Lord Zintar.

Captain Brith

A Sahhrain ship captain. Practically dressed, in overall-type apparel with several silver-angled stripes running across the upper part of his shoulder.

Commander Brolin

A Sahhrain first officer on Captain Brith’s ship.

Fleet Commander Rolm

A round-faced Sahhrain officer on Lord Zintar Shakrim’s crew—his narrow forehead and large protruding ears give him an almost comical appearance. Commander Rolm is a proficient fleet officer, with many successful campaigns under his belt.

Deck Officer Tamma

A Sahhrain deck officer on Lord Zintar Shakrim’s crew.


One of Lord Zintar Shakrim’s wives.


One of Lord Zintar Shakrim’s wives.

Captain Logenes

Star Watch captain of the Taurus.

Captain McNeil

Star Watch captain of the Virgo.

Tahli warriors / The Blues

Tahli warriors are masters of Kahill Callan, an ancient martial art. They move with lighting-fast speed, have long black hair that hangs down their backs and each has the same bluish skin tone. Because of their blue skin, their race is called the Blues. Discerning and intelligent, they have some powers, for example to change their appearance, levitate, or move with lightning-fast speed. Even though they are now a peaceful people, for many generations it was the Blues who were the dark force, and the now-evil Sahhrain were their tortured slaves.

                   Prince Aahil Aqeel

                   Capri Sharan

                   Master Sahhselies



An old Tahli warrior, no less than one hundred and fifty Earth years of age, she’s a mentor to Boomer. She has long, coarse-braided dreadlocks the color of snow.

Elder Pauli

Boomer’s most influential mentor in Kahill Callan, she’s an attractive older Blues.

Dromit Sagent

Drom, a Blues Tahli master who competes for the title of Goldwon. He is tall and muscular, attractive, with a strong sense of inner patience. Boomer is infatuated with him.

Carmotta Piaget

A Blues Tahli master who is friends with Boomer. She competes for the title of Goldwon. Strong and a capable warrior, she has straight black hair, unlike the wiry curls possessed by most Blues.

Clive Sha

A Tahli warrior competing in the Goldwon trial. He is from the farthest planet away within the Dacci system.


A short, stocky Tahli warrior fighting in the Goldwon trial.


A Tahli warrior who grew up with Drom in Loma City. He’s shorter than Drom, and a bit of a know-it-all, but a loyal friend. He joins Boomer and Drom on the quest to locate the won effigies.


A Tahli warrior who grew up with Drom in Loma City. He joins Boomer and Drom on the quest to locate the won effigies.


Carmotta’s pretty younger sister, and a Tahli warrior in her own right. She’s too empathetic to make a good warrior, but proficient at Jarta and enhancement shield use. She joins Boomer and Drom on the quest to locate the won effigies.


A plain-looking female Tahli warrior, with an attitude, she is brave and fierce. She joins Boomer and Drom on the quest to locate the won effigies.

Lord Manna

A Tahli Elder on the Council of One.


Chief of security for all the Blues antiquities within the Dacci system.

Magistrate Peele

A Blues’ security official.

Tahli Ministry

A body of the Blues that organizes and makes decisions among the Tahli warriors. 


The human-like aliens on the planet Crimon.


Residing approximately eighty-two light years away from the Dacci System, they are a vapor-mass people. They have no real body mass, but are instead an accumulation of vapor globules that adhere together, but can just as easily separate out when so desired.


Alien beings who went up against the Alliance.


Alien beings who went up against the Alliance.


Furry, goat-like creatures good for hunting on Alaster-Rei.


Vicious space creatures that attack in fleets.


A huge beast on Alaster-Rei the size of a pickup truck with an oversized head and a near-white, furless, body. It has the eyes, ears and mouth of a cat, but the hulk and hide of an elephant — and eight-to-nine-inch claws.

Tail-headed reptile

A creature hunted on Alaster-Rei, it crawls along on all fours, like a large lizard or gator. Only this reptile’s head, held high, is situated at the end of its long, thick tail. It’s a menacing and territorial beast.


Zoo animals on The Lilly


A highly intelligent man-sized worm-like alien creature. Six-feet-long, it lives in the aquatic habitat. It is Jason’s favourite animal in the Zoo. The interchange is called upon through the Drapple.

Furlong Bears

Zoo inhabitants. They look like long-haired Grizzly Bears and live in HAB 17.


From HAB 4. Full-grown, 11-foot-tall female Earth Indian elephant-like creature. She is a peaceful animal and in need of human contact. She is Mollie’s favourite animal in The Zoo.

Saber-toothed-tiger-like alien

Brine hog


Other alien creatures

The Hopper

A man-like creature with two arms and two thick legs, he is green and scaly. Long claws form the end of his fingers, and this creature can eat just about anything. He has become attached to Brian, Jason’s brother, and follows him around wherever he goes.


A drog, a dog-like creature brought back from HAB 12. She has six legs, black fur, a blue tongue and a protruding muzzle. She is a self-sustaining organism that was made from Lieutenant Morgan’s DNA, and matches his DNA to ninety-eight point nine percent. She is now Mollie’s pet. Even though this creature looks cute and cuddly, when it comes to protecting someone she cares about she becomes vicious and dangerous.

Molt weevils

About the size of a standard clothes dryer, with six octopus-like appendages and a formless torso and head, molt weevils are crawling dark brown creatures with eyes and mouth. They move with lightning-fast speed. They spit something to incapacitate their prey, then wrap them up in a cocoon. The molt weevils were sent by Ot-Mul to kill every last human on Earth.

Pill bugs

Six-foot-tall, ball-like creatures from HAB 12. They attack by spewing acid on the victim. They live in dark caves.

Sloth-like creatures

Furry creatures with tusks, ten feet tall, they are as wide as a small car. They look like a combination of polar bear and walrus. Not easy to kill, these creatures are as bad as Serapins or maybe even worse.

Pigmy Mollmols

A sub-genome species of the Mollmols, they are ruthless and intelligent creatures. Shorter than a Serapin, about five feet tall. They have snakelike heads and black skin—black and wet looking. They smell disgusting — like rotting fish.

Trancus – A creature as large as a rhino-warrior, a mixture of serpent and reptile. Devious and evil, he works as an interrogator at the Dreathlor. At close to eight-feet-tall, his muscular system, beneath black, always glistening, wet skin, evoked fear from virtually everyone he came in contact with. He enjoys causing pain to others.


Weevil people

Mollie named them peovils. After being cocooned by the molt weevils, some people came back to life as zombie-like beings.

Darion Cartel

The cartel that operates by its own laws. It consists of thirty united planets. At first, they only invaded sections of space that were, in their view, within their own spatial borders. But then things changed, they grew larger and stronger. With the technology they took from the Craing, they were almost unstoppable.

Cyclops-looking creatures

Large beasts, about eleven feet tall, with thick legs, and long, strong arms. Their faces are strange looking, having a mouth without lips, yellowed cracked teeth and a single eye placed mid-forehead.


One of the universe’s most miserable, ungodly creatures, made with the most highly advanced droid technologies. A technology and creature hybrid, the beast has both mechanical and organic parts. Capable of destroying thousands or even millions of lives, and also capable of traveling vast distances across space. They can be completely invisible. Created by the Caldurian scientist named Norwel, they were made specifically to track down originals’ Crystal Cities and literally devour the populace. Perfectly white in appearance, with six spider-like legs and three heads. The heads, like the main body, are also organic in origin, while its three extendable necks are mechanical. The creature’s main body is somewhat translucent. They have the ability to change size, becoming as big as the size of a bus, or small.

Gamby fish

Flesh eating alien fish used on Harpaign in the Goldwon trial, like piranha on steroids.


Shintuco cat

A dangerous tiger-like animal, easily twice the size of a Bengal tiger on Earth, with greenish fur. It is a protected endangered species, and therefore not to be killed.


A huge, viscous alien creature.

Boar-like beast on Dule

A combination between a wild boar and a giant ape or bear. It has a flattened, panting snout, with four moist quivering nostrils and a row of six yellowed, curved tusks protruding just above its thin black lips. Easily fifty feet tall.

One-legged aliens that bite. Some are poisonous. They make excited, high-pitched yipping sounds and hop to get around. They move very fast and are very vicious, dangerous especially in packs.


Beast on Clorvious Noles

A twenty-foot tall beast guarding the won effigy at the end of the trial. Brownish gray in color, it camouflages with the rocky walls of its surroundings. It has glowing, bright green eyes, and a wide face that looks as if it were inside out, the musculature exposing pink tendons and flesh. It has massive yellowed teeth and enormous jaws.


About the size of the average small dog or cat, the lobster-bee is a black and yellow striped insect on the planet Draggim. Their bodies are a cross between a sea crab and a lobster. They also have wings. Their claw-pinchers are huge and very dangerous.

Rock burrower

A larger insect on planet Draggim that can live a thousand years. Their saliva is putrid, like an acid, and once sprayed it allows them to burrow right into rocks. If left alone, they keep to themselves, but they are protective of their nests. They protect their young and become vicious. Their odor is very distinctive.


Technology and Alien Things and Terms


Utilizing a connection to the multiverse to make short or long jumps from one place to another. For long jumps it required tremendous amounts of power—too much for it to be used during FTL or even standard sub-light travel. But for small leaps through virtually any material, solid or otherwise—up to several miles—it works quite easily. Recharge is necessary after several phase-shifts.

Phase Synthesizer

Newly discovered ‘school bus-sized’ device on The Lilly, located at sub-Deck 4B, a sub-level in between the Fourth and Fifth Level. Virtually every system on The Lilly is tied into the phase synthesizer. It utilizes hundreds of micro-ports, which are similar to DeckPorts. The phase synthesizer can create new phase-shift devices, and it can also make or duplicate parts of the ship, which is good for repairs. Advanced Caldurian technology, this device can manufacture virtually anything, including battle suits or parts to a spacecraft. In addition, the phase synthesizer is responsible for other ship systems, including JIT munitions for multi-guns, and The Lilly’s big rail guns. The technology, like much of Caldurian tech, utilizes alternative realms within the multiverse.

Integrated fusion power plant

A heavy metallic cylindrical device the size of a shoebox. Made to allow The Lilly’s fighters (combat shuttles) to phase-shift.


Through the use of DeckPorts, inter-deck movement is possible. They allow crew members to move from one level of the ship into another. There are 32 DeckPorts on The Lilly. Not all of them look the same, especially if they remain idle too long. Then they would turn solid and look more like a regular hatchway. DeckPorts have a colored frame around their perimeter—color-coded. More like portals than elevators, these inter-deck means of transportation are intuitive and instantaneous.


A medical procedure that takes place in The Lilly’s Medical deptartment utilizing MediPod devices. There are different levels of HyperLearning, and the higher the level, the more painful the procedure is. HyperLearning is configurable to the individual depending on ship rank and specific need. The process is painful and requires recovery time.

Plasma Cannons

The Lilly maintains four separate fusion-energy type plasma cannons — two forward and two aft.

Plasma Pulse Rifle

Standard issue rifle for Alliance combat forces.

Rail Guns

The Lilly maintains four separate Rail Gun systems — one forward and one aft. Rail gun systems can access needed munitions automatically through individual phase-shift feeder ports.


Battle suits from the Minian. A small, metallic-looking device, about the size of a pack of cigarettes. This suit can configure to be any size. Building upon itself, segment by segment, all in the span of two or three seconds, a hardened, red and black battle suit takes form around the body. It is light and almost impossible to break through.

Zip accelerators

These locomotive sized pieces of equipment make up a Zip farm.

Toric-cloaking device

Highly conductive type of mesh netting, which is tied to technology called a toric-device. This device uses black zodium crystals that can no longer be found in the universe to make things invisible, for example ships.


A tunnel through space and time. Caldurians used wormholes to traverse the universe. When two black holes entangle, then separate, what emerges is a wormhole. The wormholes are a finite size and stay open a finite length of time.

Plasma Pulse Rifle

Standard issue rifle for Alliance combat forces.


Stands for Heads Up Display — standard issue for all combat suits. Provides a full virtual representation of the surroundings, including the position of the approaching enemy.

Ka-Bar (13-inch knife)

Standard knife utilized by most branches of the military. The Lilly’s Combat Suits utilize a bigger/longer version accessible via a hidden outer high compartment.


Implemented during a HyperLearning procedure. Provide self-healing, NanoTexting, and NanoCom.


Seven-foot-long medical chambers that utilize aspects of the multiverse to heal and regenerate organic matter. Also used to administer HyperLearning as well as Nano technology.

Great Space

The Craing initiative designed by Ot-Mul to destroy all planets and stars in the universe that pose a threat to them now or will in the future.

Caldurian-designed battle droid

The droid is no taller than the average man, but much wider, with four squatty-looking legs, a barrel-like torso, four arms, and a circular turret of a head. Its surface is covered with thin, razor-sharp plates that constantly move. It has three small integrated plasma cannons on its torso, and the equivalent of a turret-mounted rail gun on its head. This battle droid is completely autonomous, with its own highly-advanced AI.


An advanced Caldurian droid whose torso is teardrop-shaped. Mollie’s companion and protector. It follows orders and would give his life to protect Mollie and Nan.


Teardrop was duplicated by the realms of time to create Dewdrop. It is Boomer’s drone.

The interchange

A virtual hovering object, which the Craing call the source. Constantly moving, it spreads itself across the multiverse. It builds relationships and provides access to wormhole travel to those with whom it has connections, and it is quite particular about who will be allowed access.

PTCC (phase-time comparator circuit)

Incorporated into the HUD, it is used to do a playback of previous timeframe visuals, based on current optic references.

RCM (Retractable Camp Modules)

Tent-like enclosures for shelter during travel.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence on the ship can communicate with whoever is in charge. Lilly’s AI is quite irritating and a bit bossy.


A small portable device. It has much of the same technology found within a standard MediPod unit, although this device would only provide its advanced medical capabilities to a patient’s head region. The device looks like an oversized motorcycle helmet.


The Craing’s native language.


An ancient Terplin dialect.


The Mau’s empathic ability.

Transformation of Eternity

A procedure or a ceremony. The final step necessary to becoming the Craing Emperor, it provides eternal life for the emperor but with the price of having a half organic half mechanical body. Ricket went through the transformation of eternity, which is why he is 200 years old.

United Planetary Alliance

Or just the Alliance. It is an interstellar military force.


A movement that can only be given by the emperor of Craing. It means to free every prisoner on the Craing worlds.


Means the evil one. A name that Gaddy has given to Ot-Mul. Later the Alliance give that name to Ot-Mul’s forces.


A battle droid.


A battle droid.


The simple loose-fitting nomad’s attire of a Tahli warrior.

Enhancement shield

The weapon of a Tahli warrior. Small, curved, and triangular shaped, the hubcap-sized object is used for defense and offense. The shield enhances the highly-focused thoughts of a Tahli warrior to create distortion waves that blast an enemy. It can also be used to propel the Tahli warrior into the air.


A seven-foot-long droid with metallic bodies, of Tromian creation. They are poorly designed. The Tromians used the robots to do just about everything they didn’t want to do themselves. The metallic mechers look and sound like Tromians, but are somewhat taller. Their heads can rotate a full 360 degrees.


The mechanical robot has been assigned to Leon since he brought him on board the Minian.

Kahill Callan

Martial arts that every Tahli and Sahhrain warrior need to practice. Failure to complete even the first level will result in death. With Kahill Callan training one can gain great powers. There are three levels a Tahli warrior master could aspire to in the art of Kahill Callan: Master of the First Degree, Master of the Second Degree and Master of the Third Degree.


A crop grown on Arkwane, the water planet. Caldurians have an affinity for the plant, which cannot be made in a replicator.


A speedy one-man craft, popular transportation across Harpaign’s vast deserts. There is also the Dune Truck, for multiple passengers.

Nauticus drives

Powerful drives that propel Vastma-class ships to incredible speeds.

Big baby

Turret on the Stellar. Mounted to an underbelly turret and it is unlike any other weapon in existence, at least according to Ricket, who’d invented the weapon over the past several years. Untested in battle—still in prototype-phase—it was supposedly propelled by a spinning matrix of plasma and gallium-energy waves.


The Blues’ lord who wins the Goldwon challenge.

Goldwon effigy

 A seventeen-inch-tall diamond-like statue of a half-bird creature, half-warrior. One of the four wons that together can restore Rom Dasticon.


One of the four wons that together can restore Rom Dasticon.


One of the four wons that together can restore Rom Dasticon.


One of the four wons that together can restore Rom Dasticon.


A Tahli meditation technique.


The Blues’ term for a freak human, or outsider.

The Gods of Arkain

The creators of the won effigies and challenges.

Tasmillian trumpet

An instrument played on Harpaign to announce the Goldwon trials.

Tammy Wrap

A short garment worn by Bassilion traders, with a hole for their tail.


The Tahli warrior sign for surrender.


A blue material with magical properties used to make enhancement shields and other objects, such as won effigies. It is indestructible.


The language and writing of the people of Crimon.


The Crimon word for concubine.

The Dal

Crimon for omniscient god, the name given to Rom Dasticon.


Ammunition used on Crimon.


A cold water-like liquid and terrible corrosive, it makes the air pollution on Crimon terrible. Prolonged direct exposure to it strips the skin right off one’s bones.

Plagnum One

A Caldurian rank meaning Hero of the People.


A horrid fungus that grows in the pitch-blackness of space and can live pretty much indefinitely. A carnivorous organism, it consumes organic beings by controlling them, lulling them to unconsciousness and then devouring them.

Wide-spectrum disruptors

A sound-thrower type weapon derived originally from the burgeoning mining industry. Wide-spectrum disrupters produce school bus-sized bursts of H2O. Each burst contains an inner, oxygen-based, atmosphere torpedo packed with highly disruptive bass sound waves, a confluence of violent vibrations that in the total void of the surrounding space causes a molecular disruption.


One of Ricket’s most recent inventions, a weapon carried by Sharks.

Morian Obelisk

Technology that allows incredibly powerful communication and travel, even across the multiverse, used on Caldurian ships. It originates from an aquatic race of beings in another star system, possibly the Drapple.


A Tromian mecher renamed Baron.


The AI on Ryan’s CF Van.


A conversion kit that upgrades Orloff’s old propellant freighter.


A rare space mineral mined by the Picket family.

Strom & Lewis 569 retractable clamp

Used throughout the mining industry, the clamping mechanism on Orloff Picket’s tanker. Tankers, raw material space-trucks and freighters all use this clamp, or a derivative of this same model clamp.

Consigned Freight

A delivery company in space.

Department of Space Compliance

A government agency responsible for space felonies.


Vehicle’s identification designation assigned by the Department of Space Compliance.


A kind of neural paralysis generator. It causes the loss of all motor skills, along with the ability to utilize nano-devices. The effects are cumulative and can thus lead to permanent paralysis.

Tominacco micro-reactor

Scientific experimental equipment Ryan uses to upgrade propulsion on his CF Van.


Designed by Dr. Aldo Wreck, of MIT fame, five years earlier. An Aldo-Pack is a self-contained two-foot by three-foot by four-foot polished metallic power plant module—basically a small nuclear reactor—only inert. Used to upgrade Ryan’s CF Van.

Conoid thruster nozzles

There are twelve cone-shaped conoid thruster nozzles situated around the CF Van. Most open into a three-inch-diameter orifice. The larger main rear thruster, spherically-shaped, is approximately thirteen-inches-wide by eight-inches-tall.

Delivery interface (DI)

Equipment for reception of Consignment Freight containers into the van’s hold. Integrated into the very top of the van—similar to a small airlock with a built-in conveyor assembly—it allowed for the transfer of five specific container sizes: one small enough to fit into the palm of a hand, to the largest, about four feet wide by five feet long.

Hail Message System

Alliance technology system for sending hail messages.


Internet in space, established by the Alliance.


Email in space using SpaceNet.

Communications Transmission Beacon (CTB)

Equipment atop the CF Van to allow transmissions to be sent and received.

RTM gyros

CF Van gyroscope equipment to prevent drifting in space.


Equipment that plugs the AI into the CF Van. A white, oblong pac slotted into the same equipment rack where similar, yet different, plug and play components were mounted.

Environ-Pac system

Responsible for environ stabilization in the CF Van. The largest of the pacs, it’s nearly five-feet-high by two-feet-wide.

Nav-Pac system

Responsible for navigation in the CF Van. The smallest component.

Mechanical dogs

Dog robots on Orloff Picket’s tanker. Each design aspect of these knee-high bot-creatures supports their snapping, jagged, twelve-inch-wide jaws.

Spherical droids

Sahhrain weapons used against Star Watch, called round drones or attack drones. Each highly reflective, they attack in fleets in the hundreds or thousands. Shiny, lethal-looking, they hover several feet off the ground, plasma weapons firing at their foes.


The Lilly

A Caldurian-made Prowess Class spacecraft. The ship is both an exploration ship as well as a warship. Constructed of exotic light-weight material, the weight of the ship is close to 60 metric tons, and it is 300 feet long. It can maintain a crew of about 200 individuals. The ship was discovered beneath the scrapyard of Ol’ Gus Reynolds. Lilly’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) has a distinctly feminine voice, and is slightly authoritarian and a bit bossy.

Areas of the ship:

Captain’s Quarters & Ready Room

Located on Deck 4, close to the ship’s bridge. This area is used by the captain of the ship. It has two sleeping compartments, living compartments, kitchen, captain’s ready room and conference area. The ready room has a desk and virtual terminal. The conference area provides a large oblong table and virtual displays situated around the perimeter.


The Lilly’s bridge is located on Deck 4, close to the bow of the vessel. The command chair is centrally located with two other officers chairs behind. There are two banks of virtual stations, primarily Helm / Navigation and Phase-Shift control forward within the bridge as well as stations around the perimeter, including Tactical, Communications, Engineering Access, and overall Ship Monitoring. The upper part of the spherical, domed-shaped bridge is comprised of a 360 degree, 3D, ultra-high-resolution display. Segment feeds can be added as needed for such things as logistical representations, ship-to-ship communications, etc.


Dira’s domain—located on Deck 4. Within The Lilly’s Medical, there are three main compartments. The main compartment contains four MediPods lined up parallel to each other in a row. The next door is a semi-circular hospital compartment with several double-railed beds situated around the perimeter. The lab and an office area are smaller compartments at the opposite end of Medical.

Ricket’s Workshop

Ricket’s workshop, sometimes referred to as Ricket’s lab, is on Deck 4B on The Lilly. This is where Ricket retreats to be alone and come up with his spectacular inventions. This compartment is adjacent to the phase synthesizer.


The mess area is one of the largest sections on the ship. There is both a conventional kitchen for preparing chef-cooked meals as well as a bank of food replicators. There is a seating area for crew and combat forces. The mess is often used for ship-wide meetings and presentations.


The Lilly’s barracks (Deck 2) are where the armed forces reside—including past Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and Marines. The barracks are typical and provide stacked bunks, and a large shower area and head.

Flight Bay

The flight bay is a massive space, spanning most decks as well as the entire width of the vessel with gargantuan-sized arched bay doors on both port and starboard sides. The Lilly hosts a complement of Caldurian technology fighters. Multiple shuttle craft, such as the Perilous, are found here. In addition there are numerous maintenance drones keeping the vessels in tip-top shape.


Engineering is situated right before the ships’ drives. Here, through highly-advanced Caldurian technology, FTL (faster than light) is made possible … not by bending space around the ship, but bending space around projected multiverse versions of the ship.


The Lilly’s Zoo, situated on Deck 3 E25, provides numerous habitat (HAB) portals to alien worlds. These habitats (stored virtually within a multiverse realm) are actually smaller contained copies of the original alien environment areas that typically span no more than a few hundred miles. Caldurians piloting vessels such as the Minian and The Lilly spent much of their time exploring the universe where they would duplicate the favorite or most interesting alien environments into these habitats. In this large room there are numerous large enclosures—each one a separate natural environment. Some are desolate and rocky with high-up cliff protrusions that jut out at near horizontal angles. Others are lush, forest-like areas, and another is totally aquatic, with light green steam billowing into the air—the water seemingly suspended. Each enclosure contains large alien animals.

Armory & Firing Range

The Lilly’s Armory, located on Deck 2, is managed by Gunny Orion and it is from here that all of the latest weaponry and battle suit tech is requisitioned. Adjacent is the four-lane rifle range with virtual moving targets.


This is the area where prisoners are held. The Lilly’s Brig provides two separate containment cells. A transparent energy field keeps prisoners contained.

The Minian

Also a Caldurian technology craft, the design is similar to The Lilly, only newer, bigger and more advanced. Over one mile long and weighing 400 metric tons, it is a Master Class Caldurian technology spacecraft. The hull of the ship is coated with multiple self-repairing nanite layers. The vessel maintains a crew of well over 2,000 individuals. The ship is mostly unexplored but still yields incredible technological advancements — including the ability to cross over into the multiverse. Areas of the ship are similar to those on The Lilly. The phase synthesizer of the Minian is much more advanced, as well as Medical, and the Weapons Armory & Range. The Lilly is several technological generations behind the Minian. Other areas of the ship:

Zip Farm

The Zip Farm is located on Deck 18 of the Minian. This equipment, originating from the Alurians (the Corian Nez system), makes travel into the multiverse possible. Within five separate compartments, there are multiple rows of ten-foot-high by thirty-foot-long Zip accelerator units. Black and oily, they look similar to 19th century steam locomotives. Caldurians only discovered this technology eighty-nine years ago.

MicroVault Terminal

The MicroVault terminal is located on Deck 23 on the Minian. This compartment is the control station for adding items of any size … including other spacecraft, miniaturizing them down to sub-microscopic size and placing them into long-term memory storage. What makes this terminal and the MicroVault itself unique, is that the virtual, miniaturized, storage area can be visited in real time.

The Parcical 

The Parcical is a Rogue Class Caldurian technology spacecraft. The technology on this ship is years, even decades, more advanced than that on the Minian. Since it is the same Caldurian technology as The Lilly and Minian, it has the same areas as the two ships, but it is much more advanced. There are five primary decks and several sub-decks. She’s roughly the size of The Lilly, at approximately three hundred and eighty feet long, but she’s taller, and meaner. Her weapons systems are quite powerful. This ship is mostly virtual; she can be cloaked from all external scans and sensors, and she is invisible to the naked eye. The ship has an advanced phase synthesizer on board. There is also a habitat Zoo—not nearly the size of the Minian’s, but since so much is virtual, there are actually more habitats available: close to five hundred, accessible via four portals, which access any and all habitats. There are various laboratories, and also something called a MicroVault, for storing an unlimited amount of anything—including items as large as the Minian. What aspects of the ship are ‘real’ are constructed of highly exotic light-weight materials. It has an overall length of 380 feet long. The hull of the ship is coated with multiple self-repairing nanite layers. The vessel maintains a crew of about three hundred individuals.

The Pacesetter

This fighter is a bit different than the others. It is slightly larger, more maroon than red, and it’s a two-seater. This is Jason’s favorite fighter on The Lilly. The three words that best describe this fighter are sleek, fast and dangerous.

Her Majesty

Stalls’ pirate ship. Once an interstellar luxury liner, where only the wealthiest could afford her premium price tag, Stalls renamed the ship Her Majesty. From the wealthy hostages on the ship, Stalls managed to make Her Majesty ready for battle by embedding defensive shields and the latest armaments money could buy.

The Gordita

A Craing Heavy Battle Cruiser that is recommissioned into the Alliance fleet. It was named by Mollie.

The Last Chance

A Craing Heavy Battle Cruiser that is recommissioned into the Alliance Fleet.

The Trickster

A Craing Heavy Battle Cruiser that is recommissioned into the Alliance Fleet.

The Surprise

A Craing Heavy Battle Cruiser that is recommissioned into the Alliance Fleet.

The Independence

A Craing dreadnaught captured by the Alliance and given to Admiral Reynolds to command.

The Cutlass

A light cruiser that is part of the 7-ship U.S. convoy.

The Rainmaker

A light cruiser that is part of the 7-ship U.S. convoy.

The Determined

A large shuttle commanded by Commander Douglas.

The Magnum

Large shuttle from The Minian. Piloted by Grimes.

The Perilous

A sister shuttle to Magnum.

The Epcot

Large Caldurian shuttle from The Minian.

The Oracle

Shuttle from The Lilly.


Craing warship — it is about a mile long and high. Square shaped.


A dreadnaught with two or more clustered vessels.

Craing Cruiser

There are Light Craing Cruisers and Heavy Craing Cruisers.


A little ship on the Minian. Boomer gave it its name. A forty-foot-long blue bullet-like vessel. Like all Caldurian ships, it has an aerodynamic design. It is deep blue, with a highly reflective hull, ten feet wide, ten feet in height, and forty feet long. Narrower but longer than the other shuttles, it has four-foot-tall observation panels, like smoked glass, surrounding the entirety of the vessel.

The Vanguard dreadnaughts

Warships similar to Craing dreadnaughts. These ships can destroy entire planets when firing as a group. Their one and only purpose is to destroy planets in the Great Space Initiative. Each one carries a large ultra-powerful plasma canon, specifically designed for extended long-range bombardment.


U.S. Gunship. Jason was a commanding officer of this ship.


A Canadian super tanker.


A Drac-Vin vessel. An assault class destroyer, the ship is far and above anything the Craing had produced. The ship is not manufactured by the Craing, but by an alien race that the Craing could never quite defeat, the Korlm. A highly advanced war battle ship with integrated DMEW — Dark Matter Energy Weapon. It later will become Admiral Ti’s ship.


One of the Craing’s heavy old cruisers.


Originally a wealthy intergalactic trader’s personal star yacht, the ship is twenty-five years old. Leon inherited it from an old friend, Sean Doogin. Even though the ship is older, it has good bones, it’s ridiculously fast, and it has some cool state of the art features. It looks surprisingly sleek and aerodynamic, considering its width.


A transport vessel. The mammoth–sized SkyTrans engine is a quarter of a mile long and fifty yards wide. The Tromian people used these engines to evacuate their people from the attacked city. SkyTrans engines took on as many passengers as regulations would allow: about one hundred thousand souls each.


Highly streamlined craft, Ricket manufactured this vessel on the Minian within 24 hours. This was the third craft Ricket had manufactured and it was one the most advanced and his favorite; for that reason he’d christened it the Charm.

The Carrion

Less than half the tonnage of the Minian, the Carrion is Captain Oz’s vessel.

Quantum Lark

A Caldurian made vessel.

Alliance warships











The Stellar

 A personal five-hundred-foot-long space yacht, the Stellar is one of the first commercially available luxury crafts manufactured by an Earth-based manufacturer, in this case, Mercedes-Benz. A luxury transport vessel that makes extended, non-military space travel, it is more comfortable and allows for the occasional softer bed and plush-cushioned lounge seating for entertaining.


Vastma-class warships 

A massive Sahhrain vessel. Bulbous-looking, with hundreds of decks it is like a city in space—many times larger than a fleet dreadnaught, or even a meganaught.

Arrow fighters

 Fast, mean, Blues and Sahhrain fighter ships.

 The Gallant 

A frigate captained by Perry Reynolds in 1995.

The Iowa

A U.S. Navy Iowa-class battleship.

The New Jersey

A U.S. Navy Iowa-class battleship.

The Missouri

A U.S. Navy Iowa-class battleship.

The Wisconsin

A U.S. Navy Iowa-class battleship.

The Montana

A secret U.S. Navy Iowa-class battleship brought out of hiding in 1995 for a tour of the Taiwan Strait war games; it is meant to return to the U.S. and to be displayed in a maritime war museum.

The Independence

A U.S. Navy battleship in 1995.


A French freighter in 1995

The Fungshy

The original name of The Lilly.

The Pungshy

The original name of the sister ship of the Fungshy, renamed the Jumelle.

The Jumelle

A sister ship to The Lilly, she is a Prowess-class Caldurian vessel with a few differences. The Jumelle is fifty feet longer and has two additional decks—both at the far aft section of the vessel. Also, she has higher and lower dual stubby wings versus the single set on The Lilly.

Vastma-Class Command Ship Mamet

Brakken’s Sahhrain Vastma-class ship.

The Goliath

A fast and highly maneuverable shuttle of Mazzett design. Whereas most shuttles provided space for only two or three within their cockpits, Mazzett shuttles afforded seating for four individuals, as well as a separate, forward entrance hatchway.

The Xicon

The fastest Vastma-class Sahhrain ship.

Paotow Tanker

The very first fuel tanker deployed to space, refurbished by Orloff Picket. The ship’s rounded tubular, out of date dark-brown hull looks decrepit, but with the conversion and upgrades the tanker is worth millions now. An approximate gross weight of 65,000 lbs.

Freight Van 412

Ryan’s CF Van. Consignment Freight delivery vans have three separate decks. The forward cockpit is positioned between the upper and lower deck. The top deck, referred to as Cargo, or the hold, is where all the deliverables are stored, either for delivery or for pick up. The lower deck, where the driver lives, holds a head, kitchenette, two bunks, a tiny communal open space, and, at the rear of the lower level, a two man-sized airlock.

Freight Van 211

Two-ton’s CF Van.

Freight Van 429

Wendy and Olivia’s CF Van.

Bumble Bee

An Alliance freighter.

Bin lift

A space fork lift that moves bins of grain around. A yellow vehicle easily three stories high and as wide as five school buses parked side by side. Two thick manipulator arms at the front of the vehicle hold a large, rounded, blue bin used in transporting thousands of pounds of grain stores. There are wheels and thrusters along the sides of the vehicle and a small, windowed cab area. The cab barely has room for more than one. Made of a solid, heavy mix of various exotic metals.




The Central Valley Scrapyard is located in San Bernardino. Five hundred square yards of automobiles, buses, and trucks, it was the home of Jason’s grandfather Gus. It was the childhood home of Jason and Brian. Vehicles of all shapes and sizes had been dumped here since the early 1930s—long before Jason was born.

Altar System

A star system light-years from Earth, it is where Admiral Perry Reynolds was at the seat of power for the Alliance. It is the location of the culminating battle between the Alliance and Craing fleets.


An ancient and highly fortified Grand Sacellum situated on Itimus-four, one of Terplin’s five moons. Only the emperor and Craing lords can enter. It is where the ceremony for the transformation of eternity occurs. It is a big compound with near-white sandy terrain, and surrounding architecture structures. The inner grounds to Chrimguard and the Grand Sacellum are hidden.

Chihuahuan desert

140,000 square miles of absolute nothingness. The Outpost of the United Planetary Alliance is located in this desert. A newly established military base, supposedly separate from the pre-existing military and government influences.

Cheyenne Mountain

NORAD and USNORTHCOM Alternate Command Center.


A beautiful green planet in the Altar system. It is a peace-loving world and weapons of any kind are forbidden. The rulers of this planet are King and Queen Caparri, Dira’s father and mother.

HAB 12

One of the most dangerous habitats, if not THE most dangerous. The habitat resides on planet Halimar. Serapins and dangerous alien creatures live within the habitat. All of the habitats exist in a completely different reality. This habitat has the highest security since it is not supposed to be opened or visited; in fact, it is not supposed to be accessible at all.


The habitat where Raja, the elephant-like alien, is situated.

HAB 17

Habitat where, after being rescued from the Craing, the rhino-warriors reside. After the destruction of their planet, this habitat has become their home. Furlong Bears live there as well.

Earth Outpost for the United Planetary Alliance—the EOUPA

A base for the outpost situated in the Chihuahuan desert. Jason had put Admiral Reynolds in charge of this base. The base looked like a sprawling, modern military compound. Fifteen-foot fencing, topped with razor concertina wire, outlined the distant perimeter. Separate and to the east, also surrounded by fencing and more concertina wire, hundreds of small tents clustered together. With large modern buildings, three runways, several large hangars, ten Apache helicopters, and the massive Allied Craing warship fleet, hundreds of ships all lined up in perfect rows. Here is the place where the enemy crewmembers and overlords were being held, commonly referred to as Craing City.

Grand Sacellum

A Craing shrine or sanctuary. Similar to a large church back on Earth, this is the main feeding area where the Craing consume their prisoners. The Craing require fresh meat, preferably from those they most recently conquered.


A beautiful planet where rhino-warrior Greys originate. This planet is similar to Earth because of its green emerald continents surrounded by bright azure-blue seas. It’s completely devoid of technology. The planet is later destroyed by the Craing.


Almost the same planet as Trumach, it is the planet where the rhino-warrior Reds reside. It is also a beautiful planet full of green continents and bright blue seas.

Allied worlds

Lapoine, Coral-19, Halperon, Vori, Lear-Escott, and Jhardon.


A planet where the Mau originate.

Orange Corridor

The furthest edges of Craing space. There are several planets, and every one is dark and lifeless.


A planet within the Orange corridor. A small planet, half the size of Earth. The population is thirty to forty thousand after the Craing attack. A planet nearly destroyed by the Craing — the inhabitants were ‘brain’ beings trying to stay hidden, below the Craing’s radar.


The Craing empire’s predominant seat of power for thousands of years.


Both Terplin and planet Halimar are in a shared orbit around a shared sun—which is a red supergiant.


The planet from which molt weevils originate.

Crystal City

A Caldurian vessel, beautiful and highly advanced. It’s more of a city than a vessel. It moves through space by generating its own wormhole. The populace of the Crystal City is dead.


The planet where Orion is from. On this planet women are the larger, stronger of the sexes. The similarity between females from Earth and Tarkin is they are both the bearer of offspring.


Dreathlor prison barge was well over 1000 years old, one of the Craing’s first bounties of war some 200 years previous. It was impregnable, with an outer hull hundreds of feet thick, and made from some kind of iron-carbon composite, the prison barge had never been breached. Dark, rusted, it is always moving slowly in space. It sends a warning that if you go against the Craing Empire you will be a prisoner in this place, which is a fate worse than death.


One of Terplin’s five moons. Highly secluded, it is home and refuge to the high priest overlords.

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

Also known as Kim Jong Un Palace. The residence of Kim Jong Un.

Alchieves Solar System

The Pharlom’s ten-planet solar system.


Located in the Alchieves system, it is a blue planet full of minerals and other raw materials. The Tromians are a peaceful people. The planet is attacked by the Pharlom as soon as the Craing fleet has been destroyed. The capital city of Trom is Cammilon City.

Dacci Commonwealth

A pale gray planet devoid of any coloration. It is similar to the Sahhrain planet. The surface of Dacci is somewhat strange looking, its rich concentration of unique, many radioactive, minerals, one of a kind compounds, metals with bazaar magnetic properties, all contribute to a surface that glows a ghostly blue. Within the Dacci Commonwealth’s star system there is a Loop wormhole.


This planet lies within the Blues’ solar system. The planet Harpaign, for the most part, is sparsely populated, and it has an undesirable environment. The ancient tablets are located on this particular planet.


The planet from which the Zip technology originally stemmed from, it is part of the five-planet system known as Gracow CD1. Alurian was the predominant power in that part of the galaxy about one hundred years ago. They were technologically highly advanced and didn’t share their tech with anyone. Nobody really cared when their planet was wiped out. They were a ruthless, mean-hearted bunch, the neighborhood bullies no one wanted to cross until the Caldurians destroyed their planet, after trying to negotiate. The planet now looks a dark shade of red. Structures are still there—partial buildings, ragged and scorched, looking as though a magnificent fireball had closely circled across every mile of the planet, ensuring nothing survived.

Gracow CD1

A five planet system. It has four bright red planets, plus a dusty gray planet, orbiting a white-blue star, about twice the size of Earth’s sun. Full of thieves and deviants, the place is teeming with the scourge of space.


Planet located on the Mansan Core System. The flat planet isn’t pleasant to the eye. Like Kansas, it has gray skies and a dull, colorless landscape.


An aquatic planet, with no land masses at all. The inhabitants, who look like mermaids, are fantastic farmers. This planet supplies food staples to dozens of other worlds since they are fantastic farmers.

Dramicus 9

A red planet neighboring Alurian.

Jefferson Station

Alliance headquarters. The station goes against all preconceived, conventional, design principles. It is beautiful and inspiring, yet immense and intimidating at the same time. All big decision-making policy among the Allied worlds takes place on the station. Encircling the hub, almost twenty miles out, is a thick outer ring, which has its own ten, constantly rotating, encircling, round rings spaced evenly along the structure.

Sahhrain Acropolis

An ancient Blues city, and location of the Goldwon trial.

Capital City

The capital of Harpaign, and location of the Acropolis and the Goldwon trial.

Loma City

An oasis city of the Blues on Harpaign, its location is a secret, hidden from outsiders.

Conclave hall

Gathering place of the Blues in Loma City, like a religious space where meetings are called.


A hostile planet, with jungle-like flora.


A world in the Dacci system teeming with insect life. Site of one of the won trials.

Clorvious Noles

An inhospitable and barren planet in the Dacci System. Site of one of the won trials.


One of Harpaign’s larger moons, it is only somewhat smaller than its mother planet. It’s always storming—thunder and lightning strike non-stop and the sun’s rays almost never penetrate through the moon’s thick dark cloud layer. It’s a lifeless landscape due to lack of sunlight to the surface.


A large planet in the Dacci system, cold, wet, with very little sunshine.

Liberty Station

The Alliance and U.S.’s new space station in the Sol System, replacing the destroyed, but now nearly operational, old Jefferson Station.


A vast space station in the Dacci system, both a military stronghold and a legislative capital. Hundreds of thousands of beings live and work on the station. It was constructed by the Blues.

Pratta’s Mate

A Dacci System constellation, which contains only one planet with breathable air.


A planet similar to Earth in a different multiverse realm with an inner and outer world.

Klemmex System

A small system, little more than five light-years from the Sol System. It’s close in size to Sol and has a population of ten billion on eight separate worlds. They are part of the Alliance.

Mazzett worlds

A cruel, war-mongering system whose people were eventually destroyed by the Craing seventy-five years earlier. They had two heads.


An ice-cold planet in another planetary system not so different than Earth. It lis within the Dacci system. Immense, it is a bright, colorless, and foreboding planet. It has two sets of three Saturn-like rings—three running horizontally and three vertically—giving the planet a giant plus-sign appearance.

Kuiper Belt

Home to many millions of floating asteroids—mainly consisting of rock and ice—the Kuiper Belt surrounds the Sol System like an enveloping cloud. Short-period celestial objects within the Kuiper Belt have orbital periods around the sun of 150 years to 500 years.

Oort Cloud
The Oort Cloud, farther beyond the Kuiper Belt, is vast and estimated to hold trillions of various-sized similar objects with origin points of many long-period comets, with orbits up to a thousand years.

Vanguard’s Breach

Historically, it was the location of Sol System’s and Earth’s most devastating attack by the Craing Admiral Ot-Mul

District 1

Star Watch region including Sol, Alpha Centauri, Bernard’s Star, Luhman 16, Wolf 359, Lalande 21185, Sirius, and about fifty other major star systems contained within a radius of about thirty light-years from Sol. Policed by Captain Jason Reynolds on the Parcical.


Not even a dwarf planet. Alaster-Rei lies saddled between two asteroids—one highly volcanic and one radioactive. Both are massive. The latter puts out almost as much light for Alaster-Rei as the sun does for Earth. It has a desert-like environment, breathable air, and more life than anywhere else in the region. A hunter’s paradise, it’s a red, Mars-like orb.

My Brittany

A radioactive asteroid near Alaster-Rei.


A heat-producing volcanic asteroid providing light to Alaster-Rei.


A glacially frigid planet in the Alliance.

Alpha Centauri

A system in the Alliance, the closest to the Sol System 4.37 light-years away.

Cornica PL5

A planet in the Alliance.

Space station CRW55

An Alliance space station frequented by CF employees.

Bottoms Up

A dingy, popular pub on CRW55.