I’m alive and well … just took a break

castle rock back yard medSo where the hell have I been …? I’ve been moving  (yes, still in Colorado) and taking a short break. Believe me, after writing 13 books in three years … it was necessary. I simply needed to ‘not write’ for a little while. I took the picture to the right on a walk this morning. This is what a breath of fresh air looks like … what relaxation looks like. My wife and I had reservations about moving to a small town. Would I loose touch with friends and family? Would I miss the hustle and bustle of Denver and Boulder …? Seems those things weren’t much of an issue. What I gained was something I’d forgotten about—like the way drivers here give a little wave of acknowledgment when sharing the same road … or how people at the supermarket actually make eye contact and smile at you. Our escape to Castle Rock has been wonderful so far and the really good news is I’m writing again.

Following on the success of Boomer, the 3rd Star Watch novel—comes Glory for Sea and Space. It will not be a typical Scrapyard/Star Watch book. Over the years I’ve had numerous requests for a book that explores the period before Scrapyard … when Jason’s father, Admiral Perry Reynolds, along with Ol’ Gus first discover The Lilly (along with Ricket) and eventually head out into space. It’s a complicated book, especially since I needed to address what had happened to Mollie and Boomer (somewhere off in the Multiverse). So we have a book that not only spans decades but centuries in time… For those that are big enough fans of the stories and actually read these posts … send me a note to become one of my pre-release reviewers. That’s all for now …  time to walk the dogs.

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    I’m in the middle of “Glory for Sea and Space” and am enjoying it very much. I will finish it today and begin the awful period of waiting for the next installment. While I read many different authors, and usually read three to four books a week, I very much enjoy your writing, your stories, a bit more than most others. The ability to review ships plans is a wonderful gift, and I thank you.

    As I am now retired, I spend most of my time golfing, on my motorcycle, enjoying grandchildren, and reading. Evenings are usually sans TV, with a good book occupying my time. While I haven’t the skill to write, I excell at reading and your skills aid in keeping my skill sharply honed. Thank you.


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