Lone Star Renegades — Audibook Available

audiobook_LSR_thum_medDon’t walk, RUN! The new Lone Star Renegades audiobook is now available.

As an author, I find it imperative that I read and I read a lot. I read ScFi, I read literary fiction, and I read mysteries and thrillers. Part of that comes with being an insomniac. That aspect, not being able to sleep at night, led me to reading audiobooks. Awake at 2:00am most nights, I lay in bed, earbuds dangling from my ears, and I immerse myself in one form of audiobook or another. I love well-produced audiobooks—audiobooks where the narrator effectively alters his or her voice for the various characters and where the reader/listener is transported into the story far beyond what is possible from simply reading the words on a page. This is why I spend so much time, money and energy ensuring that the audio productions of my books are nothing short of stellar. My latest work is no exception. L.J. Ganser is superb recreating the voices that comprise the Lone Star Renegades characters. All teenagers, they’ve been thrown into a situation that brings out the best and worst of them. The tension is palpable and there isn’t a second where the listener isn’t totally immersed in the story. If you’re unfamiliar with this form of reading your favorite books, I highly recommend you give it a try. Start with Lone Star Renegades … Enjoy!  — Mark


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