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Mark_lonestar_fa1I’m halfway finished writing the next Scrapyard Ship book,  Call to Battle. Please be patient … it’s coming soon!

But right now I’m super excited about my latest science fiction novel, Lone Star Renegades. It was fun to write and, from what I’ve been told, is even more fun to read. The concept of a bunch of older teens … a high school football team (Lone Stars) along with a handful of smart ass cheerleaders, all being abducted into a massive space ship and how they deal with the ensuing life and death situations, not to mention, the typical immature crap that comes along with being a teenager … well it made for the beginnings of an off-kilter, fun, adventure. I started with the least likely kid, the nerd … who certainly was not the one you’d expect to rise up ultimately to being the Lone Star’s reluctant hero. The E-book is available now on amazon.com here:  Lone Star Renegades. Below is the official blurb …

* * *

From author, Mark Wayne McGinnis, who brought you the hit series, Scrapyard Ship and Tapped In, comes a new and exciting new science fiction saga and the rise of the most unlikely new hero.

Seventeen-year-old Collin Frost, the kicker for the Lone Stars high school football team, was not enjoying the bus ride back to the school after a game that hadn’t gone so well. The ride was made worse for him when Bubba, the team’s defensive tackle, decided Collin should sit in the aisle instead of the seat next to him. That’s why when the bus pulled to a stop at a railway crossing in a small town in Middleton Texas, Collin didn’t actually see what the bus driver, the cheerleaders, and his teammates saw … a hovering, goliath-sized space ship.

And here the journey of the Lone Star Renegades begins. Abducted into the belly of a sim rover collector ship, sent from a distant galaxy, the Lone Stars must find a way to survive long enough to escape their deathly confines. When that escape finally does come, the teenagers find themselves twenty-three light years from Earth and smack dap in the middle of an interstellar war. Young and irreverent, the Lone Stars must bargain with the Brotherhood forces for passage back to Earth—a bargain that would require them to complete a military basic training program and inevitably have them fight against Brotherhood’s enemies for the duration of one year.

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  1. Nathan
    Nathan says:

    When are you going to write the next book of the Lone Star Renegades? Its an awesome story. Its on par with Scrapyard Ship.


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