Scrapyard Ship – Scheduled for Mid-September – Want to Review It?

pre-rel_coverReally! Truly! Honestly!!! Thank you for your interest in the Scrapyard Ship series books.

First of all, I could use your help as a pre-release reviewer!  More on that below…

As of right now, it looks like mid- to late September (2013) will be the release date for the first of the multi-part series. The book is written, cover art is done (to be revealed soon), three rounds of intense editing is finished, with just the final round of developmental  editing being completed. I have to tell you… writing this book, while still managing my ‘day-job’ marketing business, has been kinda crazy. With that said, it’s also been super rewarding.

Personally, I love Science Fiction—well, at least I love good Science Fiction. Time will tell if my readers put the Scrapyard Ship book series into that category (or not). Details of the book itself are coming soon. Can’t release too much too soon, you know. But what I can say (at least for me) the main characters in the book have become almost real—like family or super-close friends: Jason, the impetuous Navy commander turned ship captain (our protagonist), his curmudgeonly father Admiral Reynolds, Jason’s Cuban friend and fellow SEAL Billy, then you have Dira, the beautiful med-tech with violet skin… and of course, The Lilly itself—the Scrapyard Ship. With just a handful of pre-release readers so far, I’m encouraged by the responses:

“…Overall I think it was a very exciting, very original, very interesting Sci Fi book. “

“What a ride! “

“This first book would make a great summer show like Falling Skies, with a book for each season.  I thoroughly enjoyed your book and I can’t wait to read others in the series.”

But I need your help…   Amazon customer ebook reviews are HUGE for any author these days. And getting positive reviews (early on) can influence our sales tremendously. So if you like SciFi, and want to help out a new SciFi book series author… then please let me know if you are interested in being a pre-release reader/reviewer ASAP!

This is a full-length 70,000- word novel, the first in the Science Fiction adventure series for Scrapyard Ship. It’s an adventure and a great escape from everyday life. Fun reading for Adults, New Adults, and Teens (not so much a kid’s book).

Into SciFi?  Want to be a pre-release reviewer??? 

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