DEADLY_POWERS_webpageDeadly Powers – Tapped In Book 2

There are some traps even a telepathic spy can’t see coming…

Rob Chandler can read minds. A car crash and a 30,000-volt shock gave him incredible abilities, and it put him on the path to working for the covert SIFTR Agency. When Chandler’s fellow agent and girlfriend Pippa leaves him, the result of one too many peeks into her mind, she’s kidnapped by evil forces that want the telepath for themselves, or dead. Chandler has no choice but to take the bait.

He infiltrates the Order, a powerful organization seeking worldwide domination. Drawn into a life-sized recreation of the Old West town of Tombstone, Chandler will need more than his mental powers to save Pippa. He’ll need to draw his Colt .45 Peacemaker faster than a man going by the name of Billy the Kid.

Deadly Powers is the second installment in the Tapped In saga, a series of paranormal thrillers. If you like mind-blowing action, electrifying suspense, and surprises you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Mark Wayne McGinnis’ paranormal spy adventure.

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