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Hi friends here is a list of all my books (up until March 13, 2019) and the order in which they should be read. The Hidden Ship is my latest- released on March 13, 2019. Enjoy!

Scrapyard Ship Series
Scrapyard Ship (Book 1)
HAB 12 (Book 2)
Space Vengeance (Book 3)
Realms of Time (Book 4)
Craing Dominion (Book 5
The Great Space (Book 6)
Call To Battle (Book 7)

Tapped In Series
Mad Powers (Book 1)
Deadly Powers (Book 2)

Lone Star Renegades Series
Lone Star Renegades (also called ‘Jacked’) (Book 1)

Star Watch Series
Star Watch (Book 1)
Ricket (Book 2)
Boomer (Book 3)
Glory for Space Sea and Space (Book 4)
Space Chase (Book 5)
Scrapyard LEGACY (Book 6)

The Simpleton Series
The Simpleton (Book 1)
The Simpleton Quest (Book 2)

Galaxy Man Series
Galaxy Man (Book 1)

Ship Wrecked Series
Ship Wrecked (Book 1)
Ship Wrecked 2 (Book 2)

Cloudwalkers Series
Cloudwalkers (Book 1)

The Hidden Ship
The Hidden Ship

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  1. Eva Keller
    Eva Keller says:

    Hi there, I only recently discovered your work. Read the Gun ship, Guardian ship and Hidden ship.
    Loved them all and would really appreciate follow up books! A lot of them if you please. 😉
    I’ll check out all your books, I’m sure they too are great.
    Congratulations on your success and thank you for the excellent stories!

  2. Debbie Lang
    Debbie Lang says:

    I was wondering why several of your books indicate that you will be writing a sequel even to the point of saying that it will be available in a few months and then no follow up book is written. A second Boy Lost book and a third book in the Simpleton Series to be specific.


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