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ROT Now available on Amazon…


Welcome to the fourth installment of the Scrapyard Ship series, Realms of Time. Captain Jason Reynolds and his team are up against a new, and unexpected foe—an adversarial force that has every intention of aligning with the powerful and dreaded Craing Empire.

The enemy strikes from Earth’s high orbit, deploying five time-shifting spheres. The spheres are strategically positioned to link-up and set Earth’s clock back 100 years into the past. But when that course of action is interrupted by The Lilly’s crew, the results become far worse. Fluctuating time realms rapidly spread across the globe and threaten to rip the planet apart. Join Jason, Billy, Traveler, Ricket and Dira on their mission as they literally travel to the ends of time to bring Earth back to the twenty-first century.

…For ten points, tell me the names of the three characters portrayed on the new cover….

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  1. Bill Fuller
    Bill Fuller says:

    I know that today is 4 Jun, but your new book, Realms of Time, is not yet available at Amazon. Yes, I check almost daly…………………..
    Great story!

  2. Kevin Stokes
    Kevin Stokes says:

    Hi mark …..superb read and thoroughly ejoyed this latest installment. Read it in a day and a half!!! …….may I ask the timescale for your next installment?

    Kindest regards

    kev 🙂


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