Ricket, Star Watch Book 2 — Audiobook Now Available

audiobookStar_Watch_RICKET_thumb_audio_thumbIf you’re like me, you relish the day when that certain best-seller becomes available on audiobook. Today may be that day for you.

I pretty much only read / listen, to books in audiobook format these days. By now you have become memorized by L.J. Ganser’s uncanny ability to capture each of the Star Watch (and Scrapyard Ship) characters. Ricket is probably the single-most ‘different’ of all my books in the two series. With the exception of Captain Jason Reynolds, Ricket is a huge fan favorite, eve though he’s non-violent, unabrasive, compassionate, and totally loyal. There’s no other character like him. As the Star Watch saga continues, you’ll witness Ricket’s own internal conflicts as he becomes more and more a hybrid being … partially Craing … partially technology-based. He get’s himself in a heap of trouble in this book and it’s only by sheer luck and keen intellect that he just might survive … just maybe.

Ricket, Star Watch Book 2 is now available on Audible.com (and shortly on amazon)

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