Star Watch Audiobook Live!

audiobookStar_Watch_thumb_audio_thumbThe brand new Star Watch Audiobook is now live on Audible. If you’re familiar with the Scrapyard Ship series audiobooks, you’ll be right at home with the voice of L. J. Ganser.

If you’re like me, you actually prefer relaxing to an  audiobooks (at least sometimes) to a print book or ebook. You’ll find Star Watch is a delight to listen to and you’ll get lost in L. J.’s various voices that make the characters come alive. I had a lot of fun writing this book and look forward to the new series. This was an opportunity for completely new characters to show up and take center stage …while some of the old favs will stay around as well. Expect a lot of things moving forward to change, though. Think of this first Star Watch book as a bridge to many new and exciting adventures. Click on the logo below to go to audible, or go to the Audiobooks Page for more information and sample audio snippet.


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