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audiobook_GS_thum_med copySo you’ve gotten hooked on listening to the Scrapyard Ship audiobooks and you’ve made it all the way to book five …  and you’re now looking for book 6, the Great Space … Right? Well, as of today, it’s now available!  Thank you for your patience. A lot goes into the production of these books, L.J. Ganser, the voice of the series, has to find an opening in his schedule, the engineer has to do the same, things need to be initiated with the ACX and … that’s all before one word is recorded.

We’re all proud of the audiobooks in this series … we feel they are just plain fun. The kind of entertainment that transports you to another place—another reality. Those of you that grew up with episodic TV SciFi shows like Star Trek, may especially like the high-action and engaging, quirky, characters.  If you’re like me, you totally immerse yourself in the book series you’ve gotten hooked on and  when that last page of the book gets turned (or listened to), you’re totally bummed. It that’s the case I’ve done my job. The other part of my job is to keep new books coming. Rest assured there’s a lot more Scrapyard Ship in the hopper. There’s also a new SciFi series almost ready for publication called Lone Star Renegades—if you like Scrapyard, you’ll probably like this new series just as much, if not more.

The Great Space is available on and Feel free to peruse the Audiobooks section of this site to see/hear samples from all the other books I’ve written.

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