The Great Space

great_space_cover_smThis 6th book in the Scrapyard Ship series is now available on This was a fun book to write … it took a little longer than the others being 80,000 words vs. the typical 70,000 words.

There’s a lot happening in this episode. The series is maturing and you’ll see dramatic changes in the status quo of the Earth / U.S.A. led Alliance and the Craing Empire.  While the Craing populace on the seven worlds revolt, the Great Space initiative continues. Jason must lead a team back to Terplin to deal with acting Craing Emperor, Ot-Mul, once and for all. As you’ll discover, this will be unimaginably difficult. The other aspect of this book takes place on Earth, which is finally attacked … but it’s not by the Craing directly — it’s molt weevils and they’re pretty disgusting. Nan and Mollie take the ride of their lives and it isn’t in a spaceship.

By the way, the new cover for The Great Space is another fantastic design by Eren Arik – I think it’s my favorite to day. The print and audiobook versions are in process – they take a little longer to get published.

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