Stellar is a personal five-hundred-foot-long space yacht  and is one of the first commercially available luxury crafts manufactured by an Earth-based manufacturer, in this case, Mercedes-Benz. A luxury transport vessel that makes extended, non-military space travel, it is more comfortable and allows for the occasional softer bed and plush-cushioned lounge seating for entertaining. The vessel provides three high-end suites and allows for up to twelve barrack-style sleepers for crew and others. This highly advanced luxury space yacht was one of the first commercially available space vessels on the market, with a price tag in the multiple billions of dollars. The vessel has been highly customized by Ricket to Jason’s own specifications that included Caldurian technology—information Jason has not shared with fleet command. Stellar has FTL capabilities as well as the ability to call up an interchange wormhole and phase-shift. Big Baby—deployed from a hidden panel aft—is mounted to an underbelly turret and, unlike any other weapon in existence, at least according to its inventor, Ricket, provides a powerful canon that fires a spinning matrix of plasma and gallium-energy waves.

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