The Unexpected Return to the Scrapyard Galaxy: A Decade Later, A New Adventure Beckons

Hey there, fellow space explorers!

Guess what? It’s been a whopping ten years since I first launched the Scrapyard Ship series. Can you believe it? That little adventure didn’t just nudge my life in a new direction—it strapped a rocket to it and lit the fuse.

After wrapping up those seven stellar journeys and following up with the six-part Star Watch saga, I thought that was it. The end. Finito. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and spacefarers.

Here’s the scoop: lately, my brain’s been firing up thrusters, nudging me back toward the Scrapyard universe. Crazy, right? Picture it: a new cast, fresh stories, all kicking off a decade later. But hey, time is a sneaky little gremlin for us Indie authors. To keep the bookworms biting, you’ve gotta drop a new title every few months, or so Amazon’s enigmatic algorithms dictate.

Diving back into a world where tech rules and the lore runs as deep as a black hole? Yep, that’s daunting. And re-reading my own space opera anthology to catch up? Let’s just say I’d rather suit up for an EVA without the suit.

But then—what do you know—I found it. A complete guide to the Scrapyard cosmos I put together with my editor, Mia Manns. It was like unearthing a galactic treasure map. Maybe past-me was sending a cosmic wink to future-me, saying, “You’ll need this.”

With the universe’s clock ticking, I made the leap. Scrapyard Ship Uprising came to life. The twist? Everyone but one—our dear Mollie Reynolds—is somewhere in an alternate universe. This new epic? It’s a fresh start, but with little breadcrumbs that lead back to the stories you loved.

And the captain of this new voyage? Matt Briggs—yeah, that guy. A bit of a rogue, a pinch of pride, and a whole lot of ‘reluctant’ in his hero recipe.

The book’s out now, hitting virtual shelves like a comet, and guess what? The reviews? Stellar. They’re making this author’s heart do somersaults in zero gravity.

So, come on and join me as we blast off once more. It’s good to be home, and I’m thrilled to have you with me. It’s going to be one heck of a ride, and I promise, the thrusters are just warming up.

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