What Do You Really Want?

As you all know by now, I love my dogs. Sammi is our 6-year-old golden retriever and besides being unusually shy, she is pretty typical for her breed… mischievous, and adorable. And like most goldens, she loves toys… of the stuffed variety.

She especially likes to grab one when she is about to greet someone, a peace offering.

When we go on walks she leaves her toys at home. There are lots of scents, other people and dogs, trees, and other things to keep her occupied. Yesterday we went for a walk on the trail behind our house and we saw that someone had put a mitten on top of a metal post that was in the field adjacent to the trail.


Sammi saw it, too. She thought it was a toy. She made numerous attempts to get it off the metal post but couldn’t quite get the job done. Then she saw something else and lost interest. In the end, it wasn’t something she really wanted… it was just a distraction.

Another life lesson from my dog, or just a mitten? Just a thought…



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