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With book three, Space Vengeance, becoming another best seller on amazon the Scrapyard Ship series will continue. As long as the reviews stay positive and I keep getting emails from the book’s fans, I’m happy to keep it going. About half-written, the next book in the series is called Realms of Time. So far, it’s been a total blast to write. I’m hoping it’s just as much fun to read.

Next on the docket is to finish up Tapped In – taking the short novella and making it a full-length novel. If popular, that too will become an ongoing series.

A third YA series is in the works — more on that later. Back to writing – thanks for the interest.

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  1. Ed Dowd
    Ed Dowd says:

    Love your books – glad that I found your offerings.
    With that said, I missed a breath when I read above that you were waiting for the good reviews before releasing the next episode, especially after the ‘Dallas’ style cliff hanger ending of Space Vengeance. From your pic, looks like you may be old enough to appreciate the ‘Dallas’ reference 🙂
    Sincerely though, please release the next book as soon as you can, and that severe of a non-ending is not really great to run into.

  2. Jim Huffman
    Jim Huffman says:

    Thanks for another great book! I’ve read all three of the Scrapyard series! I’m loving the “Man Sci-Fi” feel. Good robust, swashbuckling, pirates and battles! It’s great fun! Thank you!!

  3. george
    george says:

    enjoyed the scrapyard series but finding myself impatient for the
    next episode and this is becoming a problem with all the science fiction
    series authors. there isno completion to each book and this is now becoming
    frustrating to have to wait long periods for the next book.

    • Mark Wayne McGinnis
      Mark Wayne McGinnis says:

      Well… George I’m sorry for your frustration. This is a popular series, one that many would like to see continue. Yes, it is a cliff-hangar series – it’s the way these books (and the series as a whole) were intended. I’m writing at a pace of five or six books a year. In addition to me actually doing the writing, each book goes through a regimen of five editors, technical expert reviews, Generation of cover art, sending out to formatting and publishing people… This is a lot of work. With very few exceptions, I’m pumping theses babies out as fast as I can while maintaining the highest quality possible. Not real sure other authors keep this kind of pace with the exception of B.V. Larson and maybe a few others, maybe. So hang in there, the next book (Realms of Time) will be out soon.


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