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Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 3.59.14 PMWriters are certainly an odd bunch. I think that’s a good thing. The ability to repeatedly close oneself off from the world over prolonged periods of time on a particular writing project, for months even years without any guarantee that your work will have any kind of market success or monetary benefits—shows something about the person’s dedication to his or her craft.

I really enjoy talking to other writers/authors. A little over two months ago I started my own MeetUp group near Boulder, Colorado. I called it Writers Idea Factory. Free to local writers at any level who are looking to connect‚ not so much to have their work critiqued but to talk about the process itself. It’s evolved into a wonderful hour of sharing of ideas and brainstorming concepts.

I’ve had pretty good success with the five books I’ve self-published over the past year. Most have become amazon best-sellers in multiple categories. But I’ve made my share of mistakes and learned a lot about the e-book publishing process… what works what doesn’t. I hope sharing this information will provide a bit of rocket-fuel to those stuck, wondering if it’s all worth it. Take it from me, it is.

I look forward to my Tuesday afternoons when I meet with my fellow Writer’ Idea Factory cohorts. What a great bunch… each incredibly creative and talented in their own unique way.

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