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I get asked this ALL THE TIME . . . What is my favorite book, out of all the MWM books I’ve written? It’s a tuff question to answer. I like all my books for different reasons.
But, for the sheer fun factor, I guess it would have to be the mostly unread, undiscovered, Lone Star Renegades. A group of high school kids get abducted when Earth is invaded by aliens. But this is no YA book – the gang can curse and swear (like real high schoolers), there’s relentless bullying, and there’s irreverent attitudes towards adults. And somehow, the real badass of the group ends up being the one who was the biggest nerd back home.

The ebook can be found here: Lone Star Renegades Ebook

The Audiobook can be found here: Lone Star Renegades Audiobook

Let me know if you agree – and which MWM book is your Fav?!

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  1. Jeffery
    Jeffery says:

    I have not read these other books of yours .I have read the USS Hamilton. I was wondering if you have any idea when book 2 of this series will be out . Great job on this book .I could not hardly put it down .thank you Jeff


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