Ask Raymond Blurb … in process:

Kate McNeil is smart, pretty, and driven. An Ivy League journalism grad student, she’s on the prowl for her next groundbreaking story for her campus’s Daily Spectator. So when she hears about an unorthodox experiment going on right there on the Columbia University campus, she jumps at the opportunity to do a little investigative reporting.

What she discovers late at night in the subterranean bowels of the university science department would alter the course of her life forever. A genetically grown human brain. Immersed in a tangle of needles and wires, Kate discovers it can communicate… and it was pleading for her help. But in a matter of seconds Kate’s captured. She’d breeched a classified, NSA-sponsored, experiment and she’ll be lucky to avoid serious jail time.

Jump four years later and Kate’s a successful editor at a Denver newspaper. She’s also the owner of a quirky, fun, video blog, which has just, miraculously, gone viral. Kate, finally feeling her past is far behind her, she’s hoping she can start work on some of the other, more lacking, parts of her life — like pursuing a relationship with Darrell, a hot young attorney at the office. But events take a wild and unexpected detour — her past is quickly catching up with her and is now on a collision course with her present. Now, her own survival may come down to trusting the same one that, just as easily, could kill her.

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