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I read a lot. And by read, I mean I listen to audiobooks. I usually scroll the best sellers list on Amazon and hope something pops up that looks interesting… something that I haven’t read before. Sometimes it’s rough… I read so much, that finding good material is like finding a clean bathroom in a […]

Kenny Rogers Getaway

  Last week I had a much-needed getaway. It’s been harder to get out of town, but we decided on getting a cabin through Airbnb, and go someplace, like Estes Park. The hiking/views were great, the cabin… not so much. I took my laptop, planning on doing a little writing. But plans change. When we […]


I don’t like the cold weather. The last 3 days it was -8, and that’s too cold for me. So, I realize I need to look for the pros of the winter season in order for me to get on with it. Here’s what I came up with: More time to work, with fewer distractions. […]