Escape The Holidays in Outer Space

Someone asked me today, “So what’s it like to write about that stuff… you know, those weird space adventures you write about?”

Scrapyard Ship books

The simple answer is–It’s fun. It’s also stimulating, rewarding (in multiple ways), and it seems to make a lot of people happy… or, at the very least, enjoy a trip into another world for a few hours. We live in a time that can be pretty rough. Day to day pressures are cumulative. Our various commitments close us in, and WE just need a little “me” time once in a while. So I think that’s what the Scrapyard Ship books do: help readers escape to a different reality. I mean, who wouldn’t love to find an advanced alien space craft buried in their backyard? One that would take them across the universe to fight the fight–go up against universal injustices! Throw in an array of diverse, strong characters, mixed with lots of action and some humor, and I think it’s a recipe for major escapism.

The first book, Scrapyard Ship, blew our doors off–after several months it’s still ranked #1 or #2 in several Amazon Sci-Fi categories, and HAB 12, the newly-released second book in the series, will hopefully also surpass expectations.

The many favorable emails I’ve received these last few months have made this process incredibly rewarding. Again, providing a readable fun past time for people of all ages—where they get to captain a space ship along with Jason, or go up against Serapin-Terplins (read the books), has been a creative endeavor. Mark Wayne McGinnis is the best selling Author of the Scrapyard Ship series books.

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