First Three Scrapyard Ship Books Available in Print!


Some of you have not adjusted to the ebook craze yet or you just prefer a good old fashioned (real) book — one you can touch, hold in your hands!

Well, if you’re one of those people, as of now, you can order any or all of the first three Scrapyard Ship books in paperback: Scrapyard Ship, HAB 12, and Space Vengeance.

These printed books are available at (now) and will be available on within the next few days.

Here are the CreateSpace links below:

Scrapyard Ship (book 1)

HAB 12  (book 2) 

Space Vengeance  (book 3) 

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  1. Tony Stein
    Tony Stein says:

    Sat in Heathrow departures. Straying to download Space Vengeance so that I have the first three Scrapyard ship books for my holidays. iTunes Store says it’s a pre order due in 2015!! I’m sure your earlier pages says it was out March 2014…?


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