Free For A Day

 Scrapyard Ship – Free for One Day Only – October 3rd, 2013


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  1. marc
    marc says:

    I just finished and hope you are well on you way to the next one. Any idea when it will be out. Great character build up. Waiting

  2. Mark Wayne McGinnis
    Mark Wayne McGinnis says:

    Hi Marc – thx for the comment – yes the next one, HAB 12, is near complete – I hope you like it as much as Scarpyard Ship. And if you enjoyed Scrapyard PLEASE leave me a review on Amazon – it really helps. Also, I have an email list going for those that want to be notified when HAB 12 (and others) is released (send me an email with “mailing list” in the subject line) – cheers, mark

  3. Moe Naguib
    Moe Naguib says:

    Great start to the series, interesting view of the Army as the bad guys, got me looking forward to the next installments. Living in Terrace, British Columbia where things are calm and peaceful almost to the point of boring when the weather is poor its great to escape with a good read, I’m a fan.


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