Idea For A New Book … How it starts

How it starts …

biplane_sunsetWhen the idea comes to you for a new book, it often arrives in bits and pieces. You’re struck by something—a visual—a sound… someone talking about something totally unrelated. But it’s more than that. It’s more like the introduction of something that has started to take shape and it’s the missing part, the puzzle piece, that’s actually inside you. Its the beginning of an idea that finds its whole from within. And then it’s a quick burst of adrenalin. The quickening of the heart. Why? Because, suddenly, a new life has emerged. From the swirling ether of creative thought, something is taking shape. Sure … its unformed and nebulous right now … and it’s kinda a mess. But you can see a glimmer of what it could be … what it needs to be. And with it all, comes something more serious. Responsibility. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle … you simply have to breath life into this infant soul of an idea and bring it to fruition … make It real. You have no choice … life, in any form, finds a way to survive.

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