Kenny Rogers Getaway


Last week I had a much-needed getaway. It’s been harder to get out of town, but we decided on getting a cabin through Airbnb, and go someplace, like Estes Park.

The hiking/views were great, the cabin… not so much.

I took my laptop, planning on doing a little writing. But plans change. When we got to the cabin it was directly on a busy highway, and there was a small patch of dirt next to the highway (in front of the cabin), where we were supposed to park our car. One slight swerve from a semi barreling down the highway and our car would be toast. The traffic noise was so loud I recorded it, in case we might need it as evidence later.

We knew we weren’t going to stay there but went inside mostly out of curiosity. It was advertised as ‘cozy,’ but it was more like a tiny house or a Winnebago without the wheels. The first thing that hit me was the cooked onion smell. I immediately left, trying not to gag… not successfully.

We wound up getting a hotel room in town, a roomy suite with 2 balconies, each balcony had a view of the lake. It was a little dated, but it was luxurious compared to the cabin. And it was about half the cost of the cabin.



We had a not-so-great dinner at the hotel. Right before our main course came the lights went out. And they stayed out. Apparently, a transformer had blown. We wound up returning our meals. They were bad, and we could barely see our food or each other. We sat in our room for about 2 minutes (in the dark), then decided to return home.

This type of trip is what I like to call a Kenny Rogers getaway. You gotta know when to fold ’em.

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  1. Carlos
    Carlos says:

    Man, thaf wasn’t a vacation at all. Just finished the Starwatch series and I’m curious about what happens with all those ships in the habitat.


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