Ricket – Star Watch Book 2

Ricket Book Cover

What a ride! Im completely out of breath.

 By far, this is my favorite of ALL the McGinnis SyFy books.

 I stood up and cheered.

The need for Star Watch assistance is heating up within the galaxy. With their resources quickly thinning, Ricket and a small team are sent to Port City, on the planet Eriok. Here Ricket’s adventure begins, and he’ll have to use every bit of his technical cunning to survive, because what’s waiting for him will alter the course—for both Star Watch and Ricket forever.

Many light-years away, there’s a new spatial land-grab in process by the Darion Cartel—their expanding fleet of warships, led by Captain Mar Oswaldo, the Manfred von Richthofen (the Red Baron) of space … a masterful starship captain who’s never been defeated in battle, and he’s ready to come up against the commander of Star Watch, Captain Jason Reynolds.

Join the Star Watch team as they encounter both new and old adversaries. Be prepared to say goodbye to a beloved crewmember—one who has been with them since the very beginning.