Realms of Time – New Cover Design

ROT_2nd_design_medSales of Realms of Time are doing GREAT – Thank you. But after repeated prodding from several of my book’s loyal readers, I’ve taken their advice and added in the image of The Lilly… Hey!… A space Scifi book has to have a spaceship for goodness sakes! I’ve also added more contrasting (more noticeable) background colors).

For those interested in the next book, Craing Dominion, it’s still on track for release in early August, 2014. If you want to know the exact day, you’ll need to get on my email notification list. Send me an email: markwaynemcginnis (@)  Enter: Craing Dominion List in the subject line.

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  1. jim wallace
    jim wallace says:

    I am a SF reader and i came across your first book and when i seen your address North of denver and i live east of den. in Strasburg co. i have enjoyed the first three and just ordered my #4 from amazon for my tablet . thanks for good reading time.


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