Ricket — Star Watch book 2

Ricket Book CoverThe next book in the Star Watch saga, Ricket, will go on sale in ebook form on amazon sometime today (October 19th, 2015). Both the print and the audiobook are in process and will follow shortly.

This is the first of my books that incorporates interactive icons that allow the reader to pop back and forth (at least those with e-readers or have a PC nearby) to my newly designed website to explore the various Scrapyard Ship / Star Watch spacecrafts. With thousands of pages written about these ships and all the action that occurs on them, I felt it was essential to provide some kind of interactive means for the reader to see what is what or at least what relation one place has to another… It ended up being a huge undertaking and took months to complete. I hope it’s a help and I’ll keep adding more ships if the response is good. Check out the new section on this site called Explore The Ships.

Ricket. For years now fans of the Scrapyard Ship, and now, Star Watch, have been telling me how much they relate to Ricket and his endearing, kind, nature. He is one of my favorites as well and in some ways he is as much of a main character as Jason and Boomer.

Nearly half the book is written from Ricket’s POV (point of view) so I really needed to get into his head and think the way Ricket thinks. As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, I’m often as surprised at what transpires in my books as the reader is. Sure I have a basic layout of how I want things to progress, but for the most part the words fly into my head at lightning speed (most often between 3:00am and 9:00am), and it’s all I can do to keep up with the cosmic download.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how technical Ricket’s mind is … how it works … like all the time. And he’s compulsive to the point he’s a little OCD. As you read back in the early Scrapyard Ship books, Ricket was consumed with becoming a fully organic being again (he had been a mix of Craing/robot — a cyborg) and it was hugely important to him to regain his organic beingness. But like those people that cant stop with plastic surgery, always one more operation … Ricket cannot stay away from grabbing up the latest internal tech… even to the detriment of his own wellbeing.

This is one of my favorite books and it was probably the most difficult to write. It really kicked my ass and I feel like I’ve been working non-stop for three months on spin cycle. I took three days up in the mountains (Beaver Creek, CO) and almost feel normal again.

What I think a lot of readers will appreciate, is that by the end of this book a lot of things have changed and there’s a setup for a whole lot of new things to emerge with Star Watch. As it stands right now, the next Star Watch book (book 3) will be titled: Boomer. She is by far the most requested character (for me) to writer about. We’ll see though. I’m 20,000 words into the sequel to Mad Powers, Deadly Powers and I need to get that out before Xmas of this year (2015).

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