So what’s the Status of Craing Dominion?

photoFirst of all… The other day I saw my 21 year-old son reading one of my books (HAB 12) out on the deck. Wow… How cool is that? Maybe he’ll even finish it!!

I’ve received multiple inquiries these last few weeks on the status of Craing Dominion…

It’s coming along! But I’m doing something I haven’t done before… I’m writing two books simultaneously. Both Mad Powers (see previous post) and Craing Dominion are coming along great – I’m enjoying writing two completely different story lines with two completely different protagonists.

Why? You ask….

Imagine writing thousands and thousands of words, day after day… the same story… the same characters. Yes, I understand there is a demand. I love that my readers want more – thank you!! But, after a while my brain goes to jello. Remember, I started Scrapyard Ship less than a year ago… Four full-length novels in nine months. Uhhhg!

So I’m completing the Tapped In full length novel (now called Mad Powers) and really enjoying the break. Yes, Crain Dominion is coming along too – it will be a lot of fun for those involved with the series…

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  1. Charles Shelton
    Charles Shelton says:

    Please put me on your email list. I have raced through the first 4 Scrapyard Ship books (in 6 days), & am now panting to get at the next one!

  2. Donovan
    Donovan says:

    Similar to Mr. Shelton, I too have raced through the Scrapyard Ship books. Waiting eagerly for the next one. I really enjoyed them, thank you.
    Curious about the Tapped In books.

    Put me on your email list.

    Thank you.


  3. George
    George says:

    I’ve enjoyed your first four craing dom book very much but the topper was your note explaining the process and reasons for the need to wait a lot of writers now days take their fans for granted your grace in explaining it is sadly rare g martin could stand a few lessons from your example. thank you again George Mace

  4. A.F. Stephan
    A.F. Stephan says:

    Enjoyed your writing. Put me on your email list for #5 Craing Dominion and of course Mad Powers. Mark, take some time off, your fans can handle it…. the Caribbean is great during the winter. /a

  5. Mr Chris T. Rolfe
    Mr Chris T. Rolfe says:

    I loved your books. I know it will take a while till the next Scrapyard ship is out. Any idea when it will be ready?


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