Space Vengeance Audiobook Now Available!

audiobookSV_thumbpsdIf you’ve been keeping up with my posts on this site, you’re already (probably) aware of how much I LOVE the audiobook versions of the Scrapyard Ship series.  L. J. Ganser does a remarkable job as the voice for the series and with the just released audiobook version of Space Vengeance (book #3) – out today, he has REALLY outdone himself.

Experiencing these books through the audiobook version and listening to all the voices, the performances, is like being right there on The Lilly — fighting the Craing!


The audio new book is available on now and will be available on iTunes and within a day or two… if not already.  Enjoy!!!


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  1. Victor Sims
    Victor Sims says:

    I know you have made your mark in literary writing . Those of us who love your books are hooked. Please keep going you remind me of Gateway, Star Trek , and
    Flash Gordon. Be proud of your writing and keep up the standard. For the kids in all
    of us Thank you.


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