Space Vengeance

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“The crazy ride continues… and never lets up!”

space_vengeance_cover_2_revsdCaptain Jason Reynolds is back! In the third installment of the Scrapyard Ship sci-fi adventure series, Space Vengeance, Jason, his family, and The Lilly’s crew face the impending destruction of their internal nano-devices. What’s worse, what remains of the Craing fleet, some 1500 warships, is back and headed straight toward the already decimated planets within Allied space. In what looks to be a one-way suicide mission, Jason must leave Nan and Mollie behind on Earth and out of harm’s way.

While war rages on sixty light years from Earth, maniacal space raider Captain Stalls and hundreds of his pirated warships close in on Earth. Stalls knows exactly what he wants: to find and kill Captain Reynolds and take the beautiful Nan Reynolds for his own.

Note from the author:

If you’ve made it to this third installment, you already realize this is an ongoing series. With that said, more often than not these books have cliff-hanger endings!


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  1. XBrit
    XBrit says:

    Excellent book, just like the first two!

    I read maybe 150 space opera books a year and these are some of the most enjoyable I’ve found.

    Because of the cliffhanger endings, it would be helpful if you reprinted the last couple of chapters of the previous book at the start of each new one. Not a big deal for me, I have all the previous books on the Kindle, but others may be less organized.


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