Tapped In – A New Novella Series – Now Available!

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Just released, Tapped In — this novella paranormal thriller series is now available on amazon!

Rob Chandler awakens after a horrendous car accident and realizes he has no memory of who the hell he is. Paralyzed, helpless and in pain, he can do nothing but watch as an eighteen-wheeler semi barrels down on him. The truck swerves and also crashes and yet Rob is spared one more time. But he won’t be able to rejoice at his good fortune long, because a 30,000 volt high-power line has dropped into his mangled car, hanging just inches from his head.

Something at a molecular level in Chandler has changed. Now, if he can survive long enough, he may be able to utilize amazing, if not unbelievable, new cognitive abilities.

Join Rob Chandler at the beginning of this high-tension paranormal thriller series where enemies new and old converge in a small desert town in Arizona with one singular objective in mind … to kill Rob Chandler.

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