That idea…

It comes before the floodwaters—before the floodgates are crested and toppled.  Its start is insignificant, like a trickle of water that grows in volume and breadth, cautiously making its way into a dry and barren desert. Obstacles: Rocks, unforeseen elevations, skeletal remains … This is the start—the emergence, the burgeoning of a great idea. The genesis of your next, unstoppable, manuscript.


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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    Really like all your stories. Liked the three of the new ones, Gun Ship, Hidden Ship, and Guardian Ship. Look forward for sequels for both of them. Galaxy Man was also a great story. Just got USS Hamilton, will read it soon. I did like the Mad Powers series as well. Of course the Scrapyard Ship series was great!

    Question: why did you rename “Lone Star Renegades” to Jacked? Did you change the story line with the new title, or is it the same book?

    Keep writing, enjoy your books!


  2. Frank
    Frank says:

    Boy you good little writer you know that? I just read four or five of your books I’d enjoyed them as much this time as I did the first time. Thanks,


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