The Fallen Ship has Landed

Hi Everyone,

This post is by Mark’s wife and partner, Kim McGinnis.

I co-wrote The Fallen Ship with Mark, so I just wanted to let you in on the co-writing experience and what happened afterward.

Make no mistake, Mark wrote most of the book. My intent here is to lighten the load for Mark, who typically writes a book every three to four months. Our routine involves me being in charge of the marketing/advertising and bookkeeping and Mark does the writing. It’s Mark’s voice that created his novels, and in turn, his fans.

My role in the writing process is to figure out (with Mark) where we are in the story, what comes next, and how certain characters will come alive within a particular chapter. I will particularly write certain chapters where a sub-character may be the ‘star.’ For instance, one of the chapters I wrote is the Lester Price chapter where he is introduced as living at the Rock Motel. Mark will take any chapter I write and tweak it so it has his voice. The idea is to keep the fans happy with books that they are accustomed to.

Mark and I were thrilled that the book, which was released on April 11, 2022, was a big success. This means the process worked, so I will help more in this way—and it means there will definitely be a sequel. The next Fallen Ship is in the works as I write this post.

The advertising process involves video ads on Facebook, and text ads on Amazon. For the first time we also had a book signing at our local bookstore in Castle Rock, Colorado. The Fallen Ship takes place primarily in Castle Rock, so this decision seemed appropriate. The profits from the book signing went to the bookstore (SuddenFiction Books). I found I had over-ordered a good many paperback copies of The Fallen Ship, so Mark and I were trying to decide what to do with the extra copies.

Lately I’ve been working in the study rooms at our local library, and it gave me the idea to start leaving inscribed/signed copies around various businesses in our little town. I’ve left copies at the library, the B & B cafe, a local crossfit gym, a local coffee shop, the post office, the reception area of a new condo complex, and more. We went to The Broadmoor Hotel last weekend and left a copy there in their reception area and also in their library room.

I love the idea of someone finding the book and opening it to the title page and seeing something like this….

To the person that finds this book,

We hope you enjoy this Castle Rock, Colorado science fiction adventure as much as we enjoyed writing it. Please read this book, and if you like what you read, please pass it around for others to enjoy.


Mark Wayne McGinnis 

Kim McGinnis 



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  1. John Chambers
    John Chambers says:

    Fantastic imaginations, enjoying! Are you aware of the phonetic errors in the ebooks? I wonder if this is an AZ issue?

    • Mark Wayne McGinnis
      Mark Wayne McGinnis says:

      Hi John, Not sure what you mean by phonetic errors (as opposed to grammatical errors). Can you offer an example? I work with a team of editors- we strive for perfection, but errors slip through from time to time.

  2. Nanette Mitchell
    Nanette Mitchell says:

    Loved the characters and action in this newest book “The Fallen Ship”. I was raised in Colorado Springs and appreciated the area of Castle Rock. I am so looking forward to the next book in this Saga. I am retired now and have always been a prolific reader of all genre’s. Thank you also for the humor you place around the characters, it made it even more enjoyable.

  3. Eddie Tapper
    Eddie Tapper says:

    Mark and Kim,
    I came across your book, The Fallen Ship, last night. Typically I’m up a little early but have not been able to stop listening for the last few hours (and now running late). Great story telling, well thought through plot so far and very interesting characters. I’m going to have to put the damn thing down so I can accomplish something today. It’s been a good way to end a bumpy year and look forward to getting through your library in 2023. If you are ever passing though KC and want to speak at the library or Rainy Day Books series let me know and I’ll try to get you to the right people. If nothing else happy to buy you both for a beer if you are in town.
    Sounds like you have created a successful team and I look forward to many books in the future. The narrator has a listenable (is that a word?) voice, good cadence and is expressive.
    Keep it up and wish you luck.


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