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    1) Are you interested in writing Fiction or Non-Fiction?

    2) What Genre Novel are you interested in writing (i.e. Mystery, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction) . . .

    3) What level would self-assess your writing to be at?
    GoodPretty GoodVery GoodExcellentWorld Class!

    4) On average, how much time during a week can you dedicate to writing? Select one:
    1 hour2 hours3 hours4 hoursMore?

    Provide us with a little history regarding your writing journey. Any accomplishments you want to share? Or maybe special inspirations that mean something to you?

    Writing a full 75k-word to 85k-word novel can be a gargantuan undertaking. It takes time, and perhaps even more important—discipline. Help us understand why you’ll finish what you start. How you will stay on schedule from beginning to end.

    Based on what you’ve read, or heard thus far, tell us why you believe the MWM Mentoring Program would be a perfect fit for you . . .

    Thank you for being honest and frank! We’d love to see a sample of your writing. You must have full rights to it—must be all yours. Preferably upload a .doc file, .pdf, or google docs file. No more than a chapter, okay? No more than 1500 words. Show us your stuff: compelling dialogue, strong narrative, amazing descriptions, suspense and conflict, you choose what you want to present. But whatever you select, best you make it super engaging!