What Happened to Tapped In?

Was asked today… What happened to Tapped In Part 1… !???  It’s no longer available on Amazon – or anywhere…

Here was my response…

I am soooo glad you asked that question, Richard!

Tapped In is/was actually part on of a three part full-length novel.  I took it off the market because it’s being replaced. The name of the new novel is (as of right now) called Mad Powers.

Mad Powers is almost done – being written as I write this. Those that have read Tapped In (Part 1) will be happy to see that the complete Part 1 (Tapped In) Part 2 (Remembered) and Part 3 (Mad Powers) will be available soon in the full length novel – within the next few weeks (by the end of July, 2014)…



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  1. Bruce Barrington
    Bruce Barrington says:

    Thank goodness. I finally found the answer to the Tapped In mystery. I’ve hunted all over the interwebs to see what had happened to this intriguing new novel.


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