“Who” Would Play “Who” in a Scrapyard Ship Movie?



The subject of a new Scrapyard Ship movie has come up numerous times over the last few months–probably not by any big movie production houses or famous producers… (unfortunately).

But those of us that have been involved with the book talk about it all the time! It’s funny, now readers of the series have started to chime in as well. Personally, I think Scrapyard Ship would make a terrific film!

So let’s imagine for a minute that Scrapyard Ship gets green-lighted for a big-budget feature film production. If YOU were the casting agent and you needed to submit your list of actors for the primary parts, who would you cast for the various characters? Respond back to this post with your best ‘actor’ suggestions. Personally, I see someone like Christian Bale as Capt. Jason Reynolds, and maybe Scarlett Johansson as Nan… Although Nan is a brunet. Not sure about the violet-skinned Dira or Cuban macho cigar-smoking Navy SEAL Billy Hernandez? And how about eight-year old Mollie?Here’s a list of the most prominent personalities in the book(s) — who do you think should play these characters?

Captain Jason Reynolds
Mollie Reynolds
Nan Reynolds
Admiral Perry Reynolds
Chief Horris
Gunny Orion
Lieutenant Billy Hernandez
Admiral Malinda Crawford
Brian Reynolds

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  1. Eric Muller
    Eric Muller says:

    This series SHOULD be made into a Star Wars-like big budget film. I actually did visualize certain contemporary actors playing the various roles as I read the books. Helped me visualize the characters better.
    Some were:

    Harrison Ford as Perry Reynolds (he’s done sci-fi other than SW)
    Chris Pratt as Jason Reynolds (maybe a little too much like his “Star Lord” character?)
    Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Billy (currently on the “Good Wife”).
    Ronda Rousey as Orion
    Zoe Saldana as Dire (spray painted violet, of course)
    and “Sonny” from I, Robot as Ricket

    Never could come up with a representation of Spralls. Needs to be a huge, muscular, menacing looking guy. But with a sophisticated sort-of-English accent.


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