What’s next?

YES!  There will be another Tapped In book … coming soon

Mad Powers continues to grow in popularity. I’ve gotten more than a few email inquiries about the progress of the next book, Deadly Powers. This is terrific news not only for the story’s fans, but for me as well. I love the characters and the off-kilter espionage/paranormal storyline.  It’s a nice change from all the space SciFi I’ve written over the last year.

As of today, October 15th, 2014, I’ve written more than half of The Great Space and I’ve decided to go ahead and write two new novels, Deadly Powers (the sequel to Mad Powers, and another book that I first wrote as a screenplay for a movie, Ask Raymond – a SciFi thriller. Estimated release dates?

The Great Space … mid November (2014) timeframe.

Ask Raymond … late December / early January (2015) timeframe.

Next Scrapyard Ship Book (still un-titled) … Mid March / early April (2015) timeframe.

Deadly Powers … late May / early June (2015) timeframe.



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